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    Play FuckIt for whatever makes you furious, can be anything, write what bothers you and "Fuck

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    Fuck You

    This app doesn't do anything interesting. You shouldn't install it. I just am using it for testing.

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    Express yourself in simplest possible way.

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    Download Fuck You (drinking game) Fuck You (drinking game) icon
    Fuck You (drinking game)

    "Fuck You" included. Fuck You is a drinking game which is similar to Ring of Fire or Kings

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    Download Fucking Selfie Fucking Selfie icon
    Fucking Selfie

    best friends , and make souvenirs . Live your fucking life and tell the word you exist . Enjoy !

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    Download Shoot The Fucking Square Shoot The Fucking Square icon
    Shoot The Fucking Square

    Shoot The Fucking Square A new RBF Studio Inc. game Square hate? I also... How about taking some

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    Download Monster Truck Havoc Monster Truck Havoc icon
    Monster Truck Havoc

    Drive through amazing tracks and destroy as many vehicle as you can in each thrilling and entertaining level. Enjoy the mayhem, and collect all three stars from each level and gain coins to enhance your monster vehicle even more! Three themes, with different monster cars! First theme has the fun Monster Beetle, the second theme has the more traditi…

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    Download Funny Monkey Live Wallpaper Funny Monkey Live Wallpaper icon
    Funny Monkey Live Wallpaper

    will show you the "Fuck You". Tap it in her hand and the monkey will break the screen on the phone

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