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    In deze app vindt je instructies en kooktijden van verschillende groenten en andere producten. Na het volgen van de instructies voor de groente die je wilt koken, kun je meteen de wekker aanzetten, zonder dat je zelf een tijd hoeft in te stellen. Veel kookplezier!

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    Carbs Calculator

    Carbohydrate intake calculator helps you to know how many carbs you need daily. Carbohydrates help to give energy to our body, especially give fuel during workout and also provide ample fuels that we need throughout the day to maintain our health. If you intake carbohydrates during workouts or at odd times, they develop adipose tissues in your…

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    Download 5 Dietas para Bajar de Peso 5 Dietas para Bajar de Peso icon
    5 Dietas para Bajar de Peso

    Magnífica App que te da acceso a las 5 mejores dietas para perder peso rápidamente de una manera segura y en muy poco tiempo. Ahora es el momento de quitarte esos kilitos de más!! 1º.- Dieta Scarsdale 2º.- Dieta Scarsdale Económica 3º.- Dieta Vegetariana Scarsdale 4º.- Dieta Limonada 5º.- Dieta Hollywood

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    Download Chiron Heart Rate · Pedometer Chiron Heart Rate · Pedometer icon
    Chiron Heart Rate · Pedometer

    Pulsimeter, and the calculation of BMI, BMR . used as a health administration documentation. Handy pedometer during jogging or walking. 1. Usage : Menu - Settings => Distance units are used stride, after setting body weight, etc. to suit their own. 2. sensitivity setting : for counter pedometer accuracy, it is recommended sensitivity setti…

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    Download VAPORS app VAPORS app icon
    VAPORS app

    This is a secured app for the VAPing Observational Research Study (VAPORS). This app will track e-cigarette users and e-cigarette non-users (via a monthly questionnaire) to longitudinally determine the impact of e-cig use on a variety of health endpoints, including oral health, lung health, cardiovascular health, and physical activity. Each individ…

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    She is Beautiful

    Grab your girlfriends, moms, sisters, grandmas and daughters for Santa Cruz's Pinkest 10k and 5k! Some girls run to stay in shape. Some girls run so they can indulge on so called sins of bread, chocolate and wine. Some run for the cute race t-shirts. Some use it to unleash their daily fears in private, so they can feel strong again. Some run t…

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    Download Espresso - Running App Espresso - Running App icon
    Espresso - Running App

    A full-fledged Android App that enables the user to track a running session and view session stats in real time. In addition, the user can create custom routes manually or generate them by entering the required distance. A couch to 5K program is integrated with the app to enable new runners to get started. Users can view their view their past sessi…

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    Download Super banana vibrator Super banana vibrator icon
    Super banana vibrator

    The vibrator consists of different levels (1-12). When you click this button, the vibration is repeated indefinitely. When you click the stop button, the vibration stops immediately.

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    Download Halle 41 Halle 41 icon
    Halle 41

    In dieser App findest du alle wichtigen Informationen zum Fitness & Health Club: Halle 41 in Kloten, inklusive Anfragen senden, Angebote, Group Fitness Kurs-Pläne, Social Media Verlinkung, Shop für Nahrungsergänzungen und Bonus-Karte für Mitglieder, FAQ, Blog, News und weitere Informationen. Danke und viel Spass.

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    Download CST - Cold Shower Therapy CST - Cold Shower Therapy icon
    CST - Cold Shower Therapy

    Cold Shower Therapy (CST) is the original cold shower therapy challenge. If you want to start a new habit, get unstuck or just do something that's hard - take 30 days of cold showers and see what happens. The #1 thing you will find is that Cold Shower Therapy helps you get over your excuses. You'll find that the same excuses you meet in t…

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    Download Bean Salad Recipes Bean Salad Recipes icon
    Bean Salad Recipes

    Bean Salad Recipes a user friendly app with lots of new and fresh and simple recipes. Making one simple change to your diet – adding a salad almost every day – can pay off with plenty of health benefits. Salads composed from even a few ingredients make a nutrient-rich meal. The greens alone have calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins. Many salad b…

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    Download Chakra 8 Chakra 8 icon
    Chakra 8

    Lose weight and Eat better with Chakra8. • It’s easy Weight loss It’s an effortless way to watch your weight – all you do is feed your diet & exercise information and the app calculates the rest to give you a status check. • Live Support of Experienced Dietitians and Doctors Personalized diets based on your Weight Loss, Health or Sports Goal…

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