Download Tasker / Locale Plugin Tasker / Locale Plugin icon

Tasker / Locale Plugin

Tasker / Locale Plugin for Tablet Talk. ****This app is not a standal...

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Download SP Locale Plugin Adapter SP Locale Plugin Adapter icon

SP Locale Plugin Adapter

Adds support for Locale/Tasker plugins. Edit Rule -> Add Conditio...

Similar app: SP Gravity Plugin

Free | 7.8 83

7.8 Users
Download Uptime Locale Plugin Uptime Locale Plugin icon

Uptime Locale Plugin

This plugin requires Locale, a paid app! The plugin determines if the...

Similar app: Custom Locale Plus

Free | 8.4 5

8.4 Users
Download MetaWatch Locale Plugin MetaWatch Locale Plugin icon

MetaWatch Locale Plugin

This is a Locale plugin for MetaWatch Community Edition. It allows Lo...

Similar app: Augmented SmartWatch Notify

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Download On Off Locale Plugin On Off Locale Plugin icon

On Off Locale Plugin

The on off locale plugin is used for testing Locale Settings. It can...

Similar app: Locale device startup Plug-in

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Download HTTP locale plugin HTTP locale plugin icon

HTTP locale plugin

This Android application allows to make HTTP requests. It takes the fo...

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Download Time Recording Time Recording icon

Time Recording

Manage your time sheet. Basic functionality: • Check in & out • T...

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Download Flipflop Locale Plugin Flipflop Locale Plugin icon

Flipflop Locale Plugin

This plugin is for testing conditions in Locale, it literally flip-flo...

Similar app: DIY Flip Flop Ideas

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Download Wol Wake on Lan Wan Wol Wake on Lan Wan icon

Wol Wake on Lan Wan

Send magic packets to wake up computers Features: Store Profiles Grou...

Similar app: WOL Pro - WakeOnLan (widget)

Free | 8.8 2.4K

8.8 Users
Download Audio Glow Music Visualizer Audio Glow Music Visualizer icon

Audio Glow Music Visualizer

This music visualizer brings your music to the screen in an explosion...

Similar app: Audio Glow Live Wallpaper

Free | 8.4 17.1K

8.4 Users
Download Deep Sleep Battery Saver Deep Sleep Battery Saver icon

Deep Sleep Battery Saver

Deepsleep battery saver constantly puts the device to deepsleep mode w...

Similar app: Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro

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Download Ultimate Rotation Control Ultimate Rotation Control icon

Ultimate Rotation Control

The one and only rotation control app that can REALLY LOCK your screen...

Similar app: Rotation Control (License)

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