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Download VR ArchViz Pavilion VR ArchViz Pavilion icon
VR ArchViz Pavilion

Inspired by the amazing Barcelona Pavilion by the great Ludwig Mies van der Rohe we created this demo of a virtual pavilion where you can visit three places in a beautiful 3D environment. It's very simple to use: 1. Start the app 2. Put the phone in your VR cardboard 3. You can look around freely in 360 degrees. 4. Navigate the VR environme…

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Download Czech for ICS keyboard Czech for ICS keyboard icon
Czech for ICS keyboard

ICS - Czech language pack This will work with Ice cream sandwich keyboard. Credit: Anysoftkeyboard

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Download İslam'ın Şartları İslam'ın Şartları icon
İslam'ın Şartları

İslam'ın Şartlarını öğrenmek isteyenler için hazırlanmış android uygulamasıdır -Namazlar Resimli Abdest,Gusül Abdesti,Teyemmüm,Abdesti Bozan Şeyler,Abdest Duaları, Namazın Şartları,Rukünleri,Vacibleri , Bozan Şeyler, Kamet, 5 Vakit Namaz(Sabah,Öğle,İkindi,Akşam,Yatsı),Cuma ,Sehiv Secdesi,Kaza ,Yolcu , İstihare ,Teravih,Tesbih ,Bayram,Cenaze ,T…

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Download Şafaklar Market Şafaklar Market icon
Şafaklar Market

HAKKIMIZDA: yıl 1987 Şafak’la yola çıktık; Güveni esas alıp yürüdük, ümitlerimizi, hayallerimiz hep tazeledik. Nice krizlere göğüs gerdik, ülkemiz ve insanımız için müreffeh yarınları hedefledik. Müşterilerimiz, çalışanlarımız ve tüm dostlarımızla el ele gönül gönüle verdik. Yılları geride bıraktık. Bize güvenen, güven veren, istikrarımıza eşl…

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Download Flower Meanings Dictionary Flower Meanings Dictionary icon
Flower Meanings Dictionary

This application is a list of "Flower Meaning" based on Japanese traditional style. You can find a flower language you want to know the list alphabetical order, date of birth, reverse from the meaning, season, from character. You can find a favorite flower, please use or named, such as the gift of flowers. このアプリは、花言葉の一覧情報(…

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Download GIMIN SMS-sender library GIMIN SMS-sender library icon
GIMIN SMS-sender library

This is optional software package ONLY FOR apps published by GIMIN Studio. The software allows to send scheduled SMS reminders from callendar apps. Copyright © GIMIN Studio

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Download Unity Controller Map Ps3 Xbox Unity Controller Map Ps3 Xbox icon
Unity Controller Map Ps3 Xbox

This is a tool for Unity 3D developers wanting to use external controllers. It will allow you to find out what button is being pressed and configure it on inputManager. Should work with anything such as PS3 controller, PS4, Xbox controllers or more unusual designs. Using bluetooth or an OTG CABLE. Only maps joysticks not keyboards or mice. email…

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Download FlipdogSolutions Crypto Plugin FlipdogSolutions Crypto Plugin icon
FlipdogSolutions Crypto Plugin

The Flipdog Encryption Plugin was built to add onto existing Flipdog Solutions applications to give them enhanced security. The current version supports the existing email application MailDroid and gives it support for S/MIME and openPGP. NOTE: This is a plugin library for existing Flipdog applications and will be of no use without the main applic…

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Download Guide For Weapon Mods Guide For Weapon Mods icon
Guide For Weapon Mods

Do you long for guns in Minecraft? Would you like to lay waste to the countryside with explosive weapons? Maybe bring upon the apocalypse with your arsenal of death? This is the mod for you! This is the Weapons Plus Mod for Minecraft! You will find 14 new weapons in this mod including rocket launchers, flame throwers, rail guns, laser weapons,…

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Download ViewR ViewR icon

ViewR is a voice controlled demo application that basically mixes a side by side view for head mounted display solutions like Dive or others with Qualcomm's Augmented Reality SDK Vuforia. Despite it's limited functionality, ViewR gives a slight impression of how it could feel to be robo cop :) Code:…

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Download Slovak for Perfect keyboard Slovak for Perfect keyboard icon
Slovak for Perfect keyboard

Perfect keyboard - Slovak language pack This will work with Perfect keyboard. credit to:\ Anysoftkeyboard dictionary. Slovenská klávesnica - Slovenský slovník pre Perfect keyboard

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