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Download Lightstreamer Stock-List Demo Lightstreamer Stock-List Demo icon
Lightstreamer Stock-List Demo

This is a demo showing the usage of the Lightstreamer Android client library in order to receive real-time updates. In this example, several stock prices are subscribed to and updated in real-time by Lightstreamer Server. Use the start/pause button on the menu to open/close the connection to the Lightstreamer server. Touch one of the stocks in the…

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Download voice changer 2017 voice changer 2017 icon
voice changer 2017

This is the best app for changing your voice by applying effects on the audios. It is very simple to use and can generate fantastic and funny effects. Change your voice and have fun listening to your modified voice! Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends. You can send your changed voices directly from Whatsapp! • Heliu…

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Download 3D Raindrops effects live WP 3D Raindrops effects live WP icon
3D Raindrops effects live WP

This app simulates raindrops falling on your screen, inspired by original iPhone rain The most beautiful Raindrop photos, hottest photos, all in the most popular photos App in Google Play. You should try this app because: IT'S beautiful We choose the most beautiful high-quality(HD) photos of select Raindrop from thousands of photos meticulous…

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Download MobileFront MobileFront icon

This application shows an example of a mobile store that can be build with the help of MobileFront template. MobileFront is a configurable mobile shopping app template that integrates with Shopify – a popular eCommerce platform. MobileFront was built with industry standard frameworks, works on both iOS and Android and requires minimal effort to pr…

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Download PaperBoard - Dashboard Sample PaperBoard - Dashboard Sample icon
PaperBoard - Dashboard Sample

This IS NOT an Icon Pack. Is just a sample of my Dashboard Template. PaperBoard is an Icon Pack template, made by Jahir Fiquitiva, which implements the Material Design guidelines in many of its components. This dashboard works only on API 15+. Features: - Material Design inspired/based dashboard. - Cloud based (only) wallpapers. - Wallpapers can…

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Download TiledBitmapViewDemo TiledBitmapViewDemo icon

TileBitmapViewDemo is an application to demonstrate the abilities of the TiledBitmapViewDemo android library. This is an open source project at: This library provides a scrollable SurfaceView implementation, in which the tiles that make up the surface are loaded on demand from a TileProvider as the…

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Download DBScar DBScar icon

Detailed description: DBScar is Launch Technology ( ) professional vehicle mobile phone terminal examination system, currently supports Android and IOS system, IOS version is in the works, please look forward to! DBScar for the Android mainly include: automotive diagnostic, my appearance, my bill, rescue vehicles, tracks, reco…

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Download System Bar Tint Sample System Bar Tint Sample icon
System Bar Tint Sample

Sample app for the Android System Bar Tint library. Enables tinting of translucent status and navigation bars (when available) on devices running Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above. Source code:

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Download Emoticons pack, Egg black Emoticons pack, Egg black icon
Emoticons pack, Egg black

This is an expansion pack for the application "Free Emoticons, Pack Support" is required to install the main application to access the content. The main application is free! You can still install the package. when you run it you will see a button with a link to download the main application. If you like this package, write a nice rev…

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Download URI Launcher URI Launcher icon
URI Launcher

URI Launcher provides easy way to test executing URIs. URI Launcher will be very useful for anyone who wants to launch another app or to test custom scheme that you've added on your app. Features: - Launch any URI that you want - Select from list of useful and commonly used URIs such as Google Play, dialer, Google Maps, etc - Test how your cus…

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