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The Creature Soundboard

This is a soundboard made for The Creatures. More creatures and sounds will be added later in updates. Please report any bugs and feel free to send me suggestions!

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Ahchoo Sneeze Sounds App

This amazing sneeze soundboard app is awesome for funny jokes and pranks on your friends! The laughter will be contagious! Download Sneeze Sounds app now! This awesome app is a soundboard that will blow your friends away with laughter! Brilliantly designed and professionally recorded, these 20 high quality sneeze sounds are awesome! From loud wet…

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Toilet Funny Sounds Flush App

Like pranks and potty humor? This awesome prank toilet sound generator app will get the whole party laughing! Not just for partying, it's so great for embarrassing you friends in public, tricking your girlfriend or just general joking around. With 10 awesome toilet flushes you can even use it for custom audio sampling. Get you friends and fami…

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Fart Funny And Free Sounds 2

Are you looking for a free fart soundboard? Do you like to prank your friends with farts? Do you like fart jokes? Do you want to hear the best farts ever recorded? If you answered yes to any of the above question then download Fart Sound Prank App now! This fun prank app featuring 20 of the best and most realistic fart sounds ever recorded will ge…

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Nigel Thornberry Soundboard

Nigel Thornberry Soundboard. Recreate your favorite character's funny sayings. Listen to him say the most hilarious things.

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Funny Fart Sound Zoo

★★★★★ Funny Fart Sound Zoo ★★★★★ Authentic funny fart sounds together with ugly and funny animals and movie characters. Features real multifarts. Set your favourite fart as Notification Ringtone quick and easy by longclicking. Warning! This soundboard contains authentic farts. Dont listen to it if you are offended by farts. Someone wrote in comm…

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Prank On Me: SoundBoards

Time to be creative! Use the set of SoundBoards (Chose from Fart/Horn/Animal-Insects/Random SoundBoards) to surprise your people. Don't we all love to pull pranks? Tags: Fart, SoundBoard, Horn, Animals,Insects, Random, pranks, pull, soundboards,creative

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Download El Torro's Magic Animal Box El Torro's Magic Animal Box icon
El Torro's Magic Animal Box

Simple soundboard application. Plays the sounds a fox makes to mate, while purring, while howling, and many others. I will eventually add more sounds. This application was design for a friend, and is available on github for anyone interested. I love my friends and programming, this has proven a great opportunity…

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Rap Ringtones

Rap Ringtones app has the best rap ringtones for all rappers and real rap music lovers. In this free rap app we collected the most popular rap ringtones for Android™. Download the most popular high quality Rap Ringtones app, and you will have free rap songs and top sounds on your cell phone. Are you looking for perfect break-dance beats for your sm…

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Dog Sounds

Dog Sounds app offers the best dog sounds ringtones for everybody who love cute dogs, and have pets at home. This Dog Sounds app for Android™ brings on your cell newest soundboard with different types of dog sounds, barking or howling. Download Dog Sounds app for free and your phone keyboard will be richer with new ringtones and popular sounds of…

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Sirens And Horns

Siren and Horns app is new Android™ app with the best siren ringtones and latest horn sounds. Sirens and Horns is very popular prank app, good for having fun. We made soundboard with most popular sirens and horns ringtones and top sounds. Download app for free and you can personalize the default ringtone, the ringtone for a specific contact, the no…

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DJ Khaled Soundboard FREE

Exclusive to the Google Play Store. NOW WITH OVER 100 OF DJ KHALEDS BEST QUOTES! *The First DJ Khaled Soundboard to hit the Google Play Store* Jus' Know. Take DJ Khaled with you on the pathway to success wherever you go, all with this free, funny soundboard. Use it to inspire, joke and play with those around you on the journey to more succes…

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