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The Bunk Meter v2

This app is designed to help college students to keep track of their college attendance and thus be in a much better position to control it. And if you are told in the morning what all classes you've and what are your attendance in those subjects you would be in a much better position to balance your bunking. You've to enter the subjects an…

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This free and simple flashlight application will only work if you have an LED flash on your phone. I hope it comes in handy and serves you well. thanks, handeware

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Track the device

Track the pathway of a device - without signup - anonymous - transparent (device notifies user when tracking is started) With the App 'Track the device' it is possible to publish the position (GPS) of this device. The GPS-Data is sent periodically to a webservice. In addition to the GPS-Position an anonymous DeviceID is sent. Everyone who…

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The official Android app. Are you feeling tired? Are you looking forward to the weekend? Are you wondering "which app can i take"? Have a look at Google Plays best countdown app to everyone's favorite day of the week - Friday. Count down second for second until you are free from all your obligations, and see how y…

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EasyN P3

Software feature: 1. It can control a IP Camera via WIFI everywhere. 2. User can get the video and audio via IP camera. 3. IP Camera can detect motion and sound conditions to alert user in time. Besides motion and sound, there are more conditions to be detected.

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Download SUBPART Q FDP Calculator SUBPART Q FDP Calculator icon
SUBPART Q FDP Calculator

Calculate the FDP limit and Rest Requirements for both Flight Deck and Cabin Crew according to EU-OPS Subpart Q. See website for user guide. Included features: FDP, FDP limit calculation with detailed explanation Minimum Required Rest with detailed explanation Extensions Planned Extended FDP Discretion Split Duty Crew composition (sel…

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Compass Plus

The smoothest compass in Google Play Store! Compass plus is a very basic compass, which is not bloated with useless functions. Advantages: -Very quick start-up! -Usage of up to 3 sensors to make the most accurate compass out there! -no shaking or anything due to smoothing algorithms! -Beatiful design with HD graphics!

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Download מקציב טיפים מקציב טיפים icon
מקציב טיפים

מלצרים ואחמ"שים - האפליקציה הזאתי בשבילכם: האפליקציה שמחלקת הטיפים בצורה השווה ביותר - חישוב מהיר של קופת הטיפים - חישוב שעות עבודה של כל מלצר - הקצבה אופטימלית של קופת הטיפים - פירוט ההקצבה לכל מלצר - חישוב ממוצע לשעה - ממשק נוח למשתמש לא תרצו להיתקע עם כמויות גדולות של מטבעות נכון? מצד שני, זה לא הוגן שמלצר אחר יקבל את כל השטרות.. מקציב ה…

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Car Inspector

Buying a new car is a big decision and one of the most important things to consider is safety. But how can you tell how safe a new model is, especially if you're not near a computer? You need Car Inspector. When you're out and about looking at cars, it's like having a personal car inspector in your pocket. It allows you to instantly co…

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Download P.R.FlipBook P.R.FlipBook icon

Τ o P.R Flip Book είναι η ιδανική λύση συγκεντρωτικής προβολής των υπηρεσιών ή των προϊόντων της επιχείρησης σας σε ηλεκτρονικό έντυπο  δίνοντας έτσι την δυνατότητα στον χρήστη να ξεφυλλίσει το έντυπο σας μέσα από την ιστοσελίδα σας και από το κινητό του σαν να το κρατάει στα χέρια του. Τα πλεονεκτήματα του  P.R Flip Book είναι πολλά με πρωταρχι…

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