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Download Hindi Birthday Cards Hindi Birthday Cards icon
Hindi Birthday Cards

After the success of English Birthday Cards, we bring you Birthday Cards in Hindi. These all Hindi Birthday Cards are made of natural pictures with beautiful messages. Now you can wish your dear ones Happy Birthday in Hindi. This is a simple app and require a working internet connection. These Hindi Birthday Cards can be easily shared with anyone…

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Download Muay Thai Kick-Boxing Training Muay Thai Kick-Boxing Training icon
Muay Thai Kick-Boxing Training

DOWNLOAD FREE! (LIMITED TIME ONLY) Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on shins is known as "the art of eight limbs" because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins, being as…

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Download Nebula Newsstand Nebula Newsstand icon
Nebula Newsstand

Nebula Newsstand is a all digital magazines newsstand, giving you unlimited free access to all publications. Nebula, you get access to magazines in entertainment, fashion.

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Download Livin App Livin App icon
Livin App

Livin app lets you add text to images simply and also has a number of different types of templates to use and share. The application also has a feature to create sentences and save them in a list. Create and share in an instant!

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Download Ràdio Cubelles Ràdio Cubelles icon
Ràdio Cubelles

Escolta en directe Ràdio Cubelles des del teu dispositiu mòbil. Ràdio a la Carta. Tots els programes ja emesos al teu abast. Les notícies de Cubelles. La informació meteorològica. El nostre timeline de twitter.

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Download Grow Mind Grow Mind icon
Grow Mind

Give your ideas power with mind map. Capture your thoughts, right to mind map, set to them meaningfull pictures to increase your motivation to go it live. Attach to them any documents from your Google Drive account, files on your phone, url links to keep it arranged in your mind map and accessible through one click. Split difficult ideas by using m…

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Download Full Stack Fest 2016 Full Stack Fest 2016 icon
Full Stack Fest 2016

This is the companion app for Full Stack Fest 2016: Problems of today, ideas from the future. Full Stack Fest is a week-long conference with topics ranging from Docker, IPFS & GraphQL to Reactive Programming, Immutable Interfaces & Virtual Reality. In Barcelona.

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Download Cape Verde flag zipLock Screen Cape Verde flag zipLock Screen icon
Cape Verde flag zipLock Screen

Zipper lock screen is a fun and free application for entertainment purposes. You can use the application to lock your phone screen. Slider lock screen is very easy to use. All you have to: drag the slider down and the phone screen is unlocked. Have you ever imagined to lock your phone with a zip as you lock your bags. Try this new app and experien…

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Download Taglme - NFC & Beacon encoding Taglme - NFC & Beacon encoding icon
Taglme - NFC & Beacon encoding

Taglme is platform for NFC and BEACON tags encoding. Create and store configurations for NFC and Beacon tags in cloud storage. You can use our web application at in order to create configurations quick and easy. Encode NFC and Beacon tags using this mobile application for Android (currently supported only NFC tags encoding). Group t…

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Download Volume of Water in Pipes Volume of Water in Pipes icon
Volume of Water in Pipes

Simple application to know the volume of water in a hydraulic installation. There are two options calculation, copper pipes and black iron pipes. It can be a help to implement the APP calculation of glasses of expansion, adding the volume of the installation, one could calculate heating. Another possible application could be, whether a hydraulic sy…

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Download Wallpapers for CSGO Wallpapers for CSGO icon
Wallpapers for CSGO

App where you can find +130 HD wallpapers from Counter-Strike CS:GO with various modes to preview and crop the wallpapers. ---------------------------------- Features: - Carefully choose content This app has wallpapers from general Counter-Strike CS:GO content as well as various of artworks. - Crop in portrait, landscape & automatic mode!…

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