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Download News Beat India - News Radio News Beat India - News Radio icon
News Beat India - News Radio

If you visit news websites often, but do not have time to read all the great news articles, this app is for you. This app reads aloud news articles from top Indian news websites. Listen to it while you go about your daily routine in the morning, while you travel and while you are at office. What's more, you can listen to light music if you…

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Download Spirit Box Gold and EMF Sensor Spirit Box Gold and EMF Sensor icon
Spirit Box Gold and EMF Sensor

#32 in Top New Paid Tools Apps! (4/23/2014) #79 in Top Grossing Tools Apps! (4/16/2014) If you have a ghost and our app can't help you, then your money back GUARANTEED! Just Email us! REAL TIME EVP PLAYBACK CUSTOM USER CALIBRATION BUILT IN CAMERA The Spirit Box Gold gives spirits the ability to communicate in a variety of ways. It is loaded w…

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Download The Electricians Calculator The Electricians Calculator icon
The Electricians Calculator

Newly updated look and interface! Suggest ideas for tools you would use daily and i'll get with my developer to see what he can come up with. Simple to use calculator featuring Ohms Law in order to calculate resistance, voltage, amperage, or power. Featuring E=IR and P=IE formulas! Also includes conduit bending calculations to help with EMT…

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Download PinC GOO PinC GOO icon

De PinC GOO (Grip op onderhoud) App helpt u om storingen en periodiek onderhoud vast te leggen, uit te voeren en te registreren. Door één unieke bedrijfscode houdt u samen met uw collega's en medewerkers overzicht. Eenmalige storingen en taken (meldingen) kunt u: - invoeren (eventueel) voorzien van foto en toelichting; - overzicht houden van h…

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Download Cargo Logistics Cargo Logistics icon
Cargo Logistics

CARGO LOGISTICS APP will help you to find the drivers with free capacities to transport your cargo all over the world! Or you can fill in your free capacities and earn some extra money. Very intuitive and easy to use. It can be used on Windows desktop computers as well with the same user name and password. FEATURES: - Search transports added by yo…

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Download Best Bets Best Bets icon
Best Bets

Descarga esta app y obtén tus apuestas diarias, según los mejores tipsters del momento. Apuestas principalmente de fútbol, tenis o baloncesto. Descarga ya y empieza a ganar!

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Download House Hound House Hound icon
House Hound

Buying a house but not sure if you are doing the right thing? House Hound provides you with information to help you make a more informed choice. The following information is provided in House Hound at present: • Average house price rise covering the last 6 years’ worth of actual sales data. It is a more accurate representation to take a longer ter…

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Download EasyNav EasyNav icon

EasyNav is a GPS navigation app which aims to make it as simple as possible to find your way to any location on Earth, defined by you. It provides a self-contained navigation tool which requires GPS connectivity only - there is no need to be connected to the internet or maintain a data connection to download maps because EasyNav doesn't use the…

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Download Event Budget Event Budget icon
Event Budget

Do you find it difficult to plan, budget and track expenses incurred during events? Event Budget app is here to help you and can be used at office, home, class, workshop, seminar, open houses and museums for almost any purpose. The app lets you save and re-use the budget sheet, so you don't have to create all the budget entries again. If…

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Download Multiplayer for Minecraft Multiplayer for Minecraft icon
Multiplayer for Minecraft

Mods, Maps, & Multiplayer for your exclusive Minecraft Pocket server! * Multiplayer for MCPE supports up to 100 Multiplayer slots with Mods & Maps! * Requires Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15 for Multiplayer with 100 players. Start playing with up to 100 friends now, with PocketMine Pro for Minecraft PE! Choose what features you want on your…

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Download Coupon Tracker Coupon Tracker icon
Coupon Tracker

Coupons Tracker app allows you to track, manage and redeem coupons very easily and quickly. The intuitive interface allows you to record coupon details in just a minute wherever you may be. Further, the app provides you with 5 log sheets to record for different stores. Simply tab on the tracker button and choose the one for a respective category…

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Download Majalah Media Guru Edisi 1 Majalah Media Guru Edisi 1 icon
Majalah Media Guru Edisi 1

Majalah Media Guru Indonesia disiapkan untuk menjadi media komunikasi antar guru dan antar organisasi profesi guru. MediaGuru adalah wadah tepat berbagi inspirasi dan pengalaman terbaik dalam pembelajaran. Juga menyuarakan aspirasi guru se-Indonesia untuk memajukan pendidikan. Melalui program OMG (Opini Media Guru), redaksi menampung tulisan gu…

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