Download Pedometer Widget Lite Pedometer Widget Lite icon

Pedometer Widget Lite

To use, from the home screen press Menu->Add->Widgets->Pedome...

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Free 3.2 400

3.2 Users
Download SmartWalker - pedometer SmartWalker - pedometer icon

SmartWalker - pedometer

SmartWalker is the application which would make people care their heal...

Similar app: Pedometer

Free 2 9

2 Users
Download Online Pedometer Diet Online Pedometer Diet icon

Online Pedometer Diet

[Introduction] - Diet Pedometer application online activity of users p...

Similar app: Runkeeper Lite

Free 5.6 49

5.6 Users
Download Keep Walking (Pedometer) Keep Walking (Pedometer) icon

Keep Walking (Pedometer)

Keep Walking (Pedometer) to record the number of steps you have to go...

Similar app: Pedometer

Free 10 1

10 Users
Download ST NFC Based Pedometer ST NFC Based Pedometer icon

ST NFC Based Pedometer

ST Pedometer Android Application based on Android platform is a user f...

Similar app: NFC Developer

Free 10 7

10 Users
Download NaviMon Pedometer NaviMon Pedometer icon

NaviMon Pedometer

A simple direct GPS point to point pedometer that tells traveled dista...

Similar app: Easy Caving (Demo)

Free 10 1

10 Users
Download Running Pedometer Step Counter Running Pedometer Step Counter icon

Running Pedometer Step Counter

"Pedometer Step Counter" counts the number of steps you have...

Similar app: Pedometer Step

Free 9 12

9 Users
Download StePedometer StePedometer icon


The StePedometer is the app that can be used as Step Counter, Calorie...

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Free 10 40

10 Users
Download Walk Free Pedometer Walk Free Pedometer icon

Walk Free Pedometer

Walk Free Pedometer has been simply developed with one purpose in mind...

Similar app: Pedometer Calorie - Step Count

Free 7.8 8

7.8 Users
Download Pedometer Light(widget) Pedometer Light(widget) icon

Pedometer Light(widget)

This is a pedometer widget using acceleration sensor. You can configu...

Similar app: Pedometer for Smart e-SMBG

Free 4.6 19

4.6 Users
Download Pedometer Step Counter PRO Pedometer Step Counter PRO icon

Pedometer Step Counter PRO

Everyone should walk 10,000 steps per day, how many steps are you walk...

Similar app: Pedometer Calorie - Step Count

Free 7.2 23

7.2 Users
Download Pedometer - Calorie Counter Pedometer - Calorie Counter icon

Pedometer - Calorie Counter

pedometer - Calorie Counter Count your steps, time, distance and calo...

Similar app: pedometer step count calories

Free 7.8 15

7.8 Users

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