Cookbook Cafe: The grassroots way to shop for cookbooks -- by

Cookbook Cafe: The grassroots way to shop for cookbooks -- by for iPad

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Want to create your own cookbook and share your recipes in a fun (and social) new way? Are you always on the lookout for rare and interesting cookbooks? Want to support non-profits selling cookbooks for a good cause? Now you can!

Say hello to Cookbook Cafe, the first social (and smart) cookbook publisher, marketplace and reader that allows anyone to publish their own cookbook as both a web based ebook and iPad app for free and then share it or sell it to the world in our marketplace!

From the team that brought you and powered by our community of savvy home cooks -- we invite you to check out our cookbook community and discover the most unique cookbooks you’ll ever find. Join us today! It’s free! Simply download our app here… and you’re in the cookbook club! New cookbooks added daily!

Our patent-pending ‘one click search’ makes finding that perfect recipe easy as pie. Simply type in an ingredient you’re looking for and our one-of-a-kind smart reader searches in both the storefront for new cookbooks as well as cookbooks you've already downloaded at the same time - so you don't have to remember what cookbook a recipe is in. We simply sift the recipes you’re looking for into one simple list of relevant recipes.

How many cookbooks will you be using this holiday season? On average, a home cook will use five cookbooks! With our menu bookmarking feature, you'll be able to grab recipes from multiple cookbooks so you won’t have to keep five cookbooks open on your countertop or print out dozens of recipe pages. Plus, our five “burner/oven labeled” timers will keep your kitchen on track and organized so you’ll spend less time managing your dinner and more time enjoying it!

2013 Webby Award 'Best Social Tablet App'
2013 Appys "Best iPad Publishing App"
2012 Webby's "Best Social Tablet App"
2012 IACP "Most Intriguing Use of New Technology"
2012 w3 Awards

To publish your own family, on-profit or indie cookbook for free or create a "group/community" cookbook, head on over to for more info.


→ A Rich, Multimedia & Social Experience:
Many of the cookbooks in Cookbook Cafe include not just photos, but audio, video and other multimedia. You can also connect with your favorite authors on social media through their cookbooks.

→ Easy Recipe Searching:
Once you’ve downloaded a cookbook, every recipe in that book is indexed individually in your library. This means you don’t have to search entire cookbooks to find a specific recipe. Simply search by keyword and the recipe will appear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that with the cookbooks on your kitchen shelf?!

→ Browse & Shop for Cookbooks Based on Recipe/Food Category and Cost:
In the Cookbook Cafe storefront you can find cookbooks based on food category, recipe and ingredient, as well as by reviews, what’s most popular, etc.

→ Anywhere Access to Your Downloaded Cookbooks:
Once you download a cookbook, all the recipes in that book reside on your iPad. This means you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to access your recipes.

→ Multi-Platform Access:
The cookbooks you download via the Cookbook Cafe iPad app can also be accessed and searched on any web-enabled computer at Note: multi-platform access requires registration (which is free).

→ Automatic Backups:
The cookbooks you download using this app are saved on your iPad. In addition, all of your cookbooks may be accessed on any other iPad and from any web-enabled computer provided you register with and “sync” your downloaded cookbooks.

→ Multiple Recipe Viewing Modes:
Recipe pages can be viewed in standard (full length) or condensed “cook mode” for easy viewing in the kitchen.

Recently changed in this version

✓ Added 5 Kitchen Timers (they function even if you close the app)
✓ Every cookbook in the storefront provides a free sample recipe
✓ Added Wet and Dry Conversion Tables
✓ Added Substitution Chart with more than 80 ingredient tips
✓ Added cookbook author profiles with quick links to the author's other cookbooks
✓ Added social links to connect with each cookbook author on Facebook, Twitter, their own website and BakeSpace (pages open inside app)
✓ Added "Index" view so users can quickly scan a cookbook's recipes via either photo or index list
✓ Added "cook mode" with ingredient lists on the left so you can view ingredients and directions on the same page
✓ Added "favorites" option so you can bookmark your favorite recipes for quick access. Perfect for holiday cooking. No more having to go through 5 cookbooks to make that perfect meal. Now all your recipes can be on one page!
✓ You don’t have to register with to purchase or download cookbooks (although registering enables you to also access your recipes/cookbooks on the Web from any computer)
✓ Added login/log out to main menu
✓ Added the ability to rate a cookbook and leave a review


If you find an error, have trouble logging-in to our app or want to share a cool feature you want us to build, please let us know!

If your cookbooks aren't up-to-date check to make sure you're logged into your account (menu>login) if you have a account and you'd like to merge your iPad with the cookbooks already in your account.

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