BluCub is a small wireless thermometer and hygrometer for your iPhone, iPad & iPod.

BluCub App Features:

- Realtime Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
- Current local weather conditions
- Set Lo & Hi Thresholds
- Out of range visual alerts
- Cool Visualizations

BluCub Hardware Features:

- Wireless: Using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology, BluCub has a range of up to 50m (160 feet) depending on its surrounding environment.
- Humidity Sensor: Measures Relative Humidity between 0% and 100%. Keep mold, flu, viruses and bugs away from your home.
- Temperature Sensor: Measures Ambient Temperature between -20°C and +50°C. Be healthier and save money with the right temperature for every room and every season.
- Battery Life: 3 Year Battery Life. And it's replaceable too!
- Size: Measuring only 50 x 50 x 20 mm, it fits nicely in your pocket.
- More is Better: Use as many BluCubs as you like to isolate your problem spots.

How does BluCub work?

BluCub transmits humidity and temperature data every 10 seconds to your mobile device. Once switched on, BluCub can run for up to 3 years 'chirping' away every 10 seconds. This allows you to simply run the app when you want to know what the humidity and temperature is of your environment.

Why use BluCub?

1. Accurately shows you the conditions of your environment.
2. Helps reduce your energy bills
3. Allows you to check if your home improvements are working effectively
4. Can be moved and placed anywhere to find problem spots

Use BluCub:

- Indoors
- Outdoors
- Baby's Room
- Fridge/Freezer Monitoring
- Greenhouses
- Office Comfort
- Timeless Books
- Education
- Restaurants
- Wine Cellars
- Precious Artwork
- Cigar Humidors
- Lens Storage
- Warehouses
- Server Rooms
- Musical Instrument Storage
and many more.....

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