Husband Hero



Dudes, aren't you tired of being in the “dog house” for forgetting the “important” stuff all of the time?

Wives, isn’t it time to give him a nudge in the right direction?

This app is a must for all relationships and finally gives guys the suave insight they’ve always needed.

Husband Hero is now saving the day by providing a game-like app that guys love to use and eliminates common frustrations in all relationships. With tons of great features like storing notes and photos of all of her favorite things and providing navigation back to that little boutique where she fell in love with a specific item. There’s also notifications and reminders about the stuff that matters most to her (your first kiss, anniversary, or even her exact coffee order), and “love note” SMS templates to always keep you in her thoughts. Thanks to Husband Hero, husbands around the world are now becoming the Hero that she has always dreamed of.

With the shopping feature, you will never forget what she wants and where to get it. Instantly remember and locate the perfect gift, which can be her favorite items such as clothing, jewelry, or accessories, and always have the right details like sizes, styles, and colors. To make things simple, just take photos of items when you are out shopping with her and the GPS location is automatically stored for each item. With the press of a button, Husband Hero will navigate you right back to where you need to be. Buying the perfect gift couldn’t be any simpler.

Everybody pays dues and husbands are no different. This app helps keep you on track to becoming an over achiever by letting you store all of her requests. Setting reminders, you will always know when she wants something done. You can also configure tasks to be recurring as well so she is pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness.

Help yourself by always remembering her favorite stuff. From movies to vacation spots, restaurants, or rock bands, you can masterfully plan to surprise her when a Husband Hero notification reminds you about an important upcoming event. We have even pre-programmed some ideas to help get you started.

Seriously, is this a game or work? Over at Dream Anchor Development, we’d all rather be playing a game. That’s why we designed this app to appeal to the gamer in all of us, by tracking your progress and translating that into your virtual character’s development. As you interact with the app, you will earn experience points for your character. As you begin to level up, she will start to notice similarities between your “in app” virtual hero and the real

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