Kids game - Play and Sound!2 for baby toddler



Free app of the baby, infants and children who sounding Tap.Game,Music,Sounds - “Play and Sound!2”

It’s application of infants and children for up to about five years from 1 year old

● Features
- I can play as soon as you launch the app
- in and directing sound comical crazy children !
- safe design can play easily !

○ Cars,Foods, Instrument music and app for favorite infant, child ○
The play to the touch ! “ Free games for baby , infants , children up to about five years from 1 year old , “ is an app sound effect baby music and is pleased to stage the character of cute illustrations appeared clogged up a lot .

Child is using the favorite BGM further , It is sure that parents and children can enjoy ! Let’s play together and foster a sense of rhythm , educational learning to learn animals , even when you go out in the car or train in an optimal application to finger movement to enjoy Tap ! I show an effect even when the baby stopped crying.

● appearance scene
[ Scene of the Cars In The City]
Let adventure by car through the city!
It plays a sound when you tap a picture of a cute car.
8 colors Cars! These are musical scales.

[ Scene of the Foods In The Kitchen]
Let’s play with the delicious food in the kitchen!
Favorite food Gotham everyone from children to adults!
The name of the food will be heard as a sound effect when you tap. It is ideal for someone with a name and pronunciation of food to young children by it.
Curry, Hamburger,Ramen,Sushi,Pizza,Onigiri

[ Scene of the ConcertHall]
Try to play in a big concert hall!
The feeling is popular musicians like! Because I use the sound of a real instrument, you can cultivate a sense of rhythm and pitch to children.
Many musical instruments scales.

● Recommended for daddy mom
-The development of a sense of rhythm baby
-Toys when a child is crying.
- When you play Grandpa , Grandma
- As an application for a child that does not stop crying
- As educational materials that someone with a name and animal sensibility of music