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+ By Pierre DiAvisoo

Beautiful ePub reader with the official Spritz reading technology integrated!

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We like reading.. no, we LOVE reading! Unfortunately we're not able to read as much as we would want because there're other things in life that also requires our attention. But what if you could read a book entirely in just a couple of hours?

Ever heard of Spritz ( )? It's a new technology that makes speed reading available to anyone!
( Mothers have left testimonials that their children with dyslexia have been able to read much faster and with better comprehension using Spritz! )

When we heard about this and after having experienced how good it really was, the first thought that came to our mind was to start reading ePub books with Spritz. Just imagine reading Atlas Shrugged in a couple of hours, cover to cover! Suddenly all this literature would be accessible to us who have to manage our time.

But we couldn't find any ePub book readers out there with Spritz integrated!?

If you can dream it, you can do it. So we did. And it's beautiful!

ReadMe! is a really GREAT ePub reader all on it's own, so when adding the option to Spritz read on top of that, well, it's just plain AMAZING!

-> Great ePub reader!
Read your ePub books with full images and rich text.

-> speed reading!
Save weeks or years reading books using the Spritz functionality!
The official, real Spritz! Not a fake one that others are using!

-> Up to 1000 word per minute!
Read using Spritz up to 450wpm without login.
Login to your Spritz account to unlock higher speeds.

-> native for iPad and iPhone
Works on both iPhone AND iPad! It's the same App, no extra purchase!

-> bookmarks
Bookmarks are placed where you stop reading automatically

-> page turns when Spritzing
Automatically turns the pages when you're Spritz reading.

-> add your own books!
Super easy to add books, many options available
(Watch the video tutorials on website)

-> support!
Active 24h e-mail support!

-> eco-friendly
Paper require cutting down trees. Read books on ReadMe! instead :)

-> ePub
Supports practically every DRM-free ePub book out there!

-> love books
Read your classics again or find new books to love

-> Many languages supported!
English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian!
(This version should have supported Czech also, but there was a mishap with this. Stay tuned for the next version!)

Have a look at the promotion video here:

If you have any questions, please have a look at the FAQ that is inside the App. You can easily find it through the menu.

If this still does not answer your question ( like if you have problems getting your ePub-books onto ReadMe! and need guidance ) you can head on over the website and post your question to the Support desk there :)

*** Please note that ReadMe! only work with DRM-free books in the .epub format which means that books purchased through iTunes will not work. DRM-free books in the .epub format can be transfered to ReadMe! through iTunes however. ***

*** For books in any other format (PDF, DOC etc.), there are several conversion tools out there that do a very good job converting to the .epub format so that you can read these with ReadMe! ***

Thank you's!

Biggest thanks goes out to Spritz Inc for making this speed reading technology available for everyone!

ReadMe! would also like to thank Icons8 ( for supplying the icon for the library!

Recently changed in this version

Thanks everyone for all the great feedback we've been getting! Here's an update that I know you've been waiting for. Keep giving positive feedback!

So what's in this update anyway?

- Native iPad support!
- Time left in chapter
- Text size toggle
- Change background color (and alpha slider)
- Supported languages for Spritz reading:
English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Russian
- Usage clarifications

+ Several bug fixes

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