REVO - reading evolved



REVO - read faster!

The way we read in the 21st century has changed. Reading word to word across a page in paper bound books is becoming extinct as more and more people are using technology to view their books. Thus using powerful computers to replicate an ancient way of reading makes little sense. As the platform for reading evolves, the way we read should too. REVO is here to take the first step into the evolution of reading.

Using the powerful technology developed by Spritz, REVO will transform your ePub books into a format that allows you to view your content one word at a time in rapid succession. This allows you to passively read faster and more comfortably because your eyes will never feel the need to move around the page but rather to focus on recognizing words faster.

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*** In-app-purchase required to unlock full functionality ***

* Sprtiz reading technology
* Import ePubs using Dropbox, iTunes, email and more
* Internet not required for reading (just during import).