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A beautiful interface and a lack of fees make Robinhood - Free Stock Trading a financial app a must have for first-time stock traders

  • Beautiful intuitive UI
  • No fees to trade
  • Lack of advanced trading options

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"A Free Stock Trading App For Investment Beginners"


Robinhood - Free Stock Trading is a free stock trading app available for iOS devices. Robinhood works by taking away the standard $10 fee charged by big name brokers like ETrade or Charles Schwab, allowing you to buy and sell stocks with absolutely no commission fees. With the app, you can also access market data and quotes in real time, track your portfolio, and tell when markets open and close. Robinhood can also deposit your money directly into your bank account.


Unlike most other stock trading apps in the market, Robinhood uses a very beautiful and intuitive interface, allowing for quick setup and great ease of use. As promised, there are no commission fees to buy and sell stocks. You also don’t need a minimum amount to begin invest; if you have a few bucks, you can get started right away.


Currently, Robinhood offers barebones stock trading, lacking advanced market options that other big name brokerages offer, such as trading options, OTC securities, and mutual funds. Only individual accounts are available, leaving out joint investors.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Jul 10, 2015

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