ZippyWeb Browser - Spritz Powered


Expert's review

"Navigate at your own pace, read at lightning speed"

  • Built-in Spritz reading speed method
  • All basic browser features
  • Navigation speed
  • Intuitive tab management system
  • No advanced browsers features such as extensions and addons
  • It doesn't have multi-platform support and sync

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A web browser with a built-in Spritz-based speed reading method


Wasdesign's ZippyWeb Browser boost your Internet browsing experience in a groundbreaking way. Instead of focusing on developing complex data compressing engines to increase navigation speed, it focuses on granting your read content at a lightning speed. Thus, apart from navigating through your favorite websites, you can submit its content to a Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (Spritz speed-reading method).


Even better: you can tap back or forward to jump to previous/next paragraph, adjust the reading speed (between 50-450 words per minute) and even change the Spritz focus area size. Of course, it includes the functionality of a regular browser such as incognito tabs, share, history, find in page, bookmarks and displaying settings.


It doesn't include some of the advance features dedicated browsers include such as extensions, addons and multi-platform support.

Emmanuel alt-text

by Emmanuel , Appszoom

Jan 14, 2015