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Download Hello Pal: Talk to the World Hello Pal: Talk to the World icon
Hello Pal: Talk to the World

SPEAK TO THE WORLD. In their own language. In minutes. Hello Pal is an app which lets you LEARN LANGUAGES BY CHATTING WITH REAL PEOPLE from all over the world! Practice with a native speaker and get coached on your pronunciation and spelling - all for FREE! Hello Pal's built-in phrase books in different languages will help you start a conversati…

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Download One More Jump One More Jump icon
One More Jump

One More Jump is a hand-crafted arcade platformer from the team that brought you One More Line and Thumb Drift Simple to learn one touch controls. Hard to master levels that will test your muscle memory, concentration and sanity! Features: - 60+ Hand crafted levels (new levels added every month) - Insanely-hard challenge levels! (no seriously, e…

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Download Tomb Heroes Tomb Heroes icon
Tomb Heroes

Tomb Hero is a very interesting action game, you will use a unique way to escape and destroy the monster in the tomb.Jump back, and shot, you are super fast reaction hero, treasure all over the world in the tomb, victorious.Each tomb has its own unique little monster!Play your super power, let your heroes explore more tombs!

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Download 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure icon
60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

60 Seconds! is a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival. Collect supplies and rescue your family before the nuke hits. Stay alive in your fallout shelter. Make difficult decisions, ration food and hunt mutant cockroaches. And maybe survive. Or not. 60 Seconds! requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3, or iPad mini 2. As Ted, a respons…

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Download Falling Bowling Falling Bowling icon
Falling Bowling

While you walking, You received a call from your friend saying “ Let’s Go Bowling!” But this is not the usual Bowling you know. It’s a Falling Bowling, where you need to reach the deepest point in the game by avoiding the traps and obstacles. Collect coins, Unlock more special balls, Reach higher scores and beat your friends. Download Falling Bo…

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Download Microsoft Pix Camera Microsoft Pix Camera icon
Microsoft Pix Camera

“Microsoft might have just made the best and easiest camera app for the iPhone and iPad.” – Napier Lopez, The Next Web “I found that Microsoft Pix produces photos that are plain old better in some cases…” – Jordan Novet, VentureBeat Take better photos without extra effort! Microsoft Pix has serious intelligence behind the lens, so it is a bit lik…

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Download AvgNite Cam : Average+Night Camera AvgNite Cam : Average+Night Camera icon
AvgNite Cam : Average+Night Camera

Camera app for long exposure and night photography ** An Average Camera with enhanced low light performance ** ** A Night Camera with less noise in photo due to averaging ** ** Featured in the Popular Photography Magazine (Pop Photo), August 2013 issue ** (iOS 7 tested) AvgNite Cam is a long exposure and night camera. It allows you to take mult…

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Download Night Camera FREE - Low light photography Night Camera FREE - Low light photography icon
Night Camera FREE - Low light photography

Thanks to the manual setting options for light exposure up to 1 second *, separate residual light- and ISO enhancement, Night Camera FREE is perfect for taking pictures in a dark, insufficiently lit environment. Even during daylight, your pictures are clearer, with less interference, due to the extended exposure times. Regardless whether you take…

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Download NightCap Pro NightCap Pro icon
NightCap Pro

Do you find your photos a little dark and grainy in low light? Meet Aidie, the AI camera operator at the heart of NightCap Pro. Aidie (Artificial Intelligence Derived ISO and Exposure) handles the camera for you like a pro, ensuring you get the brightest, clearest shots possible. All you need to do is hold steady and tap the shutter. There are…

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Download Trippy Numes Trippy Numes icon
Trippy Numes

Get ready for a new kind of match! Join the trip, defeat Very Important Bosses and take selfies of your victories! Match colors and numbers to create powerful combos and win over challenging levels to prove you’re the King of the Trips! SAVE THE NUMES, SAVE THE WORLD The Numes are little trippy creatures who travel through the space. They have to…

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Download Amity – Interactive Messenger Live Chat Messaging Amity – Interactive Messenger Live Chat Messaging icon
Amity – Interactive Messenger Live Chat Messaging

Experience a new level of real-time interaction. Amity is a complete messaging app that brings everything together in one place. It is the first messaging app to introduce Live Mode, live emojis, interactive messages, high fives, and thoughts. Now you can even send, request, and save your photos, videos, links, news, YouTube, and locations – all…

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Download CREACE Video App CREACE Video App icon
CREACE Video App

CREACE - Your personal mobile video tool You need video for your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel but you’re tired of editing? We hear you. With our free video making app CREACE you can now share your stories in a newer and more creative way: Choose from a growing selection of templates and follow the simple on-screen instructions. Once you’r…

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