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Expert's Review

"Smart shopping list"

Reviewed by / Feb 06, 2013

Grocery Helper - Lite allows you to design your own shopping list

It's time to forget paper and pencil. Shopping list now are smart, since they could be design and viewed from your mobile device. This is the purpose of Grocery Helper. A simple tool to generate shopping list at your whim.

First off, you have to select among all the categories those items you want to buy. Then, you unit must be selected (g, gallons, can, case, etc) as well as the quantity. You also can choose the store where you're going to buy it. By default there are 4: Costco, Sams Club, Walmart and Whole Food. You cannot set the place if you don't want it. Repeat this process with all the items you want to buy. In case there isn't a category or an item in the default list, you can easily add it. Finally, several several shopping list can be created, sorting them by issues, for instance. Lists can be edited at any time, even after generated.

The idea behind this app is really useful. The interface isn't as intuitive as expected. It should be more visual, easy to handle, including photos as well as brand's names.

Grocery Helper has been developed by DoNetIdeas, an emerging developer focused on smart apps that make our day-by-day easier.

Developer's original description available here
Price Helper is made for someone who wants to know or be reminded of the best price he should pay for food items.

Purpose: Considering the vast varieties of food, grocery stores and specials of the week, it becomes difficult to track where or what is the best deal, or if you are paying really too much for a particular item.
This is were Price Helper comes in handy!

With price helper, you can add all of you favorite items that you purchase with characteristics about each one of them.
The most important characteristics are the the price and the quantity.

Example: An example to see how Price Helper would work is to look at the price for rib steak. Usually I shop at 3 places:
1) A wholesale store that sells huge packages, but it is always the same price.
2) The regular grocery store, and every now and then the ground beef goes on special, and
3) A specialty butcher shop that sells nice cuts meats

Is it worth it to buy my rib steak at the grocery, wholesale or at the butcher? So I have made an entry in Price Helper with the special price of the week:

Rib Steak
Price on special:4.99$
Regular Price: 6.99$
Butcher: 7:99$
Packaging quantity : for 1 pound
Store: Regular Grocery

So the next time I go to my wholesale store and I see the beef's price: 4.59$ a pound I know it is a good price, or when I go to the butcher's and I see a 5.99$ for a pound, I also know it is quite a good deal compared to the grocery store.

Food items can have a lot of characteristics:

-Major food group
-Packaging quantity,
-Price on sale
-Regular price
-Number in stock (at your home)
-Date of purchase
-Season (when the food is harvested or when it is allow to be hunted or fished out of the sea for example)
-Custom category
-UPC code
-Store where the item was purchased
-picture (small and high definition)

Sorting of the main list
-The main list can be sorted on any characteristics for better functionality and display

The list can be search on any specific item and is fully configurable.

New Item Wizard

A fully configurable wizard that helps you add an item.
When an item is added, you can enter only the characteristics that are wanted and skip the less important one.
The wizard is also fully configurable to only display the items that you want.

Import/Export feature

You can fully import and export you list on you PC using Open Office.
With the very useful feature of Importing, you can type in your list on your PC and import it into Price Helper. It is much more efficient than adding every item with your iPhone.
If you already have a list of prices, it can be adapted to to Price Helper CSV file format. You can also export the pictures. Wifi is required for exporting the list and
Wifi or 3G connection is required to import the inventory into the iPhone.
The way to import your list of items on the iPhone:
1: By following instructions on the screen. (Wifi connexion required)

-You can also have a separate list of items for favorites or items needed

What is is not:
Price Helper is not a database of all the prices from all the stores around the world or around your country. All the items and prices need to be entered by the user.
There are a lot of fruits, vegetables, meats, etc that are already in Price Helper in order to make the user input easier and faster, but the user still needs to tell Price Helper the price he paid for each item.
Also, Price Helper does not share prices with other users over the Internet.

Recently changed in this version

New features:
-Added Twitter. You can now share your items with your followers on Twitter!
-The main list is now sorted by food name and package quantity, after the main sort has been selected.
-Added the ability to take a picture when adding a new item.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed translation problems when the view is set to a different grouping.
-Fixed translation problem after an import.
-Fixed crashes when trying to import 1500 items.
-Faster application launch.
-Fixed bug in list for a selection. (the selection was not showing).

UI Improvements:
-Fixed truncated text from the main list.
-Fixed overlapped text or icons under the check mark in the main list
-Improved the alignment of labels in main view's Preview area
-Added pictures directly in the main list. (Main list with no picture is still available through the iPhone's settings)
-Pictures have rounded corner.
-Added animation for a nicer transition between the main screen and the detail view.
-Added animation for a nicer transition when editing an item. The table has a smooth transition.
-Disclosure button to go to the detail screen is easier to touch.
-Disclosure button to display the HD picture is easier to touch.
-Improved the layout of the Comments.
-Improved the layout of the item's attributes in the detail view.

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