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Pushpin is a beautiful, blazing fast, and feature-packed Pinboard.in client for iOS. Designed for both power users and newbies alike, Pushpin lets you browse, download, search, add, edit, and delete all your bookmarks seamlessly with a gorgeous interface. You can also quickly add bookmarks from any app that supports the iOS share sheet with two easy-to-use share extensions.

Pushpin also comes bundled with a flexible URL scheme, advanced search features, full support for Pinboard feeds, and integration with other read later services like Instapaper, Readability, and Pocket.

~ Testimonials ~

"I've said it before and I'll gladly say it again. If you buy only one Pinboard client for iOS, then your best bet would be Pushpin." - Pedro Lobo

"I wished hard enough and it came true: the clean, clear, and stable Pinboard iOS app of my dreams was written and released by someone much smarter than me and you should give them your money" - Jim Jazwiecki

"This is exactly what I want in a Pinboard app" - Alex Payne

~ iOS 8 ~

* iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus optimized.
* Share extensions for quick saving to Pinboard from any app that uses that built-in iOS share sheet.

~ Features ~

* Download your recent, unread, or all of your bookmarks for offline reading (including full webpages, with HTML, CSS, & JS).
* Search bookmark at ridiculous speeds across titles, descriptions, URLs, and tags.
* Easily view bookmarks that are Unread, Starred, Private, Untagged, or Public.
* Browse Recent, Network, Popular, Wikipedia, Fandom, and Japanese feeds.
* Hide, show, and reorder both personal and community feeds to suit your tastes.
* Send links to Pocket, Instapaper, or Readability.
* Save your searches and set them as your default feeds when you start up Pushpin.
* View tag autocompletions when adding or updating bookmarks.
* View and save feeds for specific users and tags, or any combination of the two.
* Browse and edit your tags, and view the number of times they've been used.
* Add a bookmark by switching to Pushpin with a URL on your clipboard.
* Customize the font used in the bookmark list.
* VoiceOver support.

~ Native Reader View and Fast In-App Browser ~

* Fully customizable, native reader view (powered by Readability).
* Change the font, margin, background color, and line spacing.
* Share bookmarks to any app supporting iOS 8 share extensions.

~ Premium Fonts ~

New! Enhance your Pushpin reading experience with three beautifully-designed fonts from independent type foundries.

* Flex and Brando from Bold Monday.
* Lyon from Commercial Type.

~ Power-User Friendly ~

* Batch editing! Easily add or remove tags, change privacy, or update unread status for multiple bookmarks at a time.
* Keyboard shortcuts.
* Native integration with 1Password.
* Extensive URL scheme for adding bookmarks on the fly, opening URLs with the in-app browser, or viewing feeds for users or tags. Visit bit.ly/PushpinURL for more information on Pushpin's URL scheme.

To read more, visit http://lionheartsw.com/software/pushpin

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Recently changed in this version

* Complete offline downloading and reading of entire webpages and article text. You can now set bookmarks to download offline in the background and read them on the subway, airport, or anywhere else where you might have a spotty or nonexistent Internet connection. Pushpin will download all page content, including CSS and Javascript, to make your offline browsing experience a great one. This new feature is free for all users.
* You can now save any search within your bookmarks, and access them straight from a dedicated section in the sidebar / main menu. You can also set a saved search as the default view to appear on launch. Quick tip: if you've filtered bookmarks by tapping on tags, you can now save that view as a saved search by holding down the navigation bar title.
* Added ability to turn off prompts to add bookmarks when an URL is on the clipboard. We also switched off clipboard URL detection by default for new users. If you're upgrading, please go to "Advanced Settings", scroll down to "Clipboard URL Detection", and toggle the "Turn it off!" switch.
* Bookmarks now display the date they were added. We're happy that we could find a way to show this extra information in a clean way.
* The bookmark extension now sets the description to whatever text you might have highlighted in Safari.
* Tag editing is now much quicker. Pushpin no longer pushes you to a new page to edit or add tags.
* Both the regular and read later extensions have been given huge speedups.
* The search bar is now hidden by default when browsing bookmarks.
* Tag suggestions are now much, much better.
* Tweaked the gap between tags and url for bookmarks.
* Added an option to clear the in-app browser cache & cookies.
* Added a separate autocorrect setting for tags. That is, you can now set autocorrect for titles and descriptions, but not for tags.
* Added ability to select all bookmarks in multiple edit mode.
* Added commas to bookmark counts (for those of you with thousands of bookmarks…).
* Indicate if there's a server error while refreshing bookmarks.
* Indicate whether bookmark has already been added when adding from the extension.
* Prevent entire interface from moving to the left/right when swiping for the edit buttons.
* Prevent the share extension UI from being overwritten by other apps.
* Prevent toolbar from disappearing in bookmark web view.
* Prevent bookmarks from being added offline with the read later extension.
* Prevent bookmarks from being deleted when internet connection is lost or if an error occurs.
* Make sure that tags with &'s are displayed properly.
* Fixed an issue where autocorrect settings wouldn't apply to the extension.
* Fixed an issue where the toolbar in edit mode would partially cover the last bookmark in the list.
* Fixed an issue where an ellipsis could be visible when swiping from a given page of tags back to the Browse screen.
* Fixed odd search bar behavior while rotating screen.
* Fixed a crash that could occur while editing bookmark links.
* Fixed a bug where the reader view could be toggled when long pressing a link.
* Fixed a bug where tapping link in reader view would open the bookmark link instead of the link that was tapped.

Lastly, if you're a fan of Pushpin, please consider taking a moment to write a nice review. If you've already written a review for a previous version, please resubmit it as the App Store resets reviews with each new update. Thank you so much, it really helps!

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