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Welcome to Equipd 3.1!

The next generation of Equipd is finally here:

*** Multiple Bible Languages and Translations ***
Read the Bible in over 100 languages, side-by-side. Compare the rendering of verses across different translations. Copy scriptures into your notes with one click. Listen to the Bible audio for many languages.

*** A Complete Library ***
Equipd provides easy access to the Watchtower and Awake magazines, Insight Volumes, Research Guide, Books, Brochures, Tracts and Yearbooks on WOL in over 150 languages. Many publications feature images and audio. Easily update a publication if the source material is changed on WOL. Quickly jump straight to the article on WOL to do more research.

*** Study Efficiently ***
The unique workflow of Equipd allows you to navigate between the Bible, study tools and publications with ease. It is optimised for use in the ministry, in personal study, or at the meetings. Use the supported gestures (such as swiping, two-finger tapping, and pinch/zoom) to get the most out of Equipd.

*** RSS and Podcast Feed Readers ***
Keep on top of the latest announcements, videos, and press releases from JW.org.

*** Language Translation Tools ***
Multiple ways to switch a Bible chapter or article you are reading between different languages. Tight integration with the iOS dictionary, with WOL.jw.org, with the Insight Volumes, and with Pleco. Those in the Chinese foreign language field get access to to auto-generated Pinyin, Zhuyin and Sidney Lau above the characters, or toggle the characters on/off.

*** Cache for Offline use ***
All text-based content and images can be saved for offline use. Read the content later, no Internet required!

*** Organise YOUR content ***
Bookmark your favourite scriptures. Save your favourite articles to the Briefcase by Topic, and group your favourite publications for quick access.

*** Annotations ***
Underline and highlight content from the publications and articles. You can add Notes right next to content it relates to, and even tell the Note to expand the text to show in the article so you can read it immediately without clicking.

There are so many other features in Equipd - I cannot list them all here. Overall I hope the hundreds of hours spent developing Equipd enables you to be "completely equipped for every good work" (2 Timothy 3:17). Especially those working hard in the foreign language field!

Devices Supported

Equipd requires iOS 7.0 and above. Any device that can run iOS 7 can also run Equipd, although an iPad 4+ or iPhone 5+ is recommended for optimum experience.

If you have any questions please refer to the Equipd Support Forums: http://support.equipd.me

* Official Website: http://equipd.me
* Official Support: http://support.equipd.me
* Facebook: http://facebook.com/equipd.me
* Twitter: http://twitter.com/equipd

NOTE: Work has started on localizing Equipd to Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Japanese, Russian, German, Dutch, Chinese Simplified/Traditional, Polish, Swedish, Thai.

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Recently changed in this version

This update offers a number of new features. It also contains low level bug fixes and performance improvements.

Before describing new features, can I encourage users to always check the Support Forums or email support@equipd.me if you have issues or questions, as opposed to writing to me via App Store Reviews. I cannot reply to an App Store Review - and thus cannot help you. For example a number of users wrote they could not find the Concordance, or were having issues with Equipd forgetting settings. Both of these topics are covered on the Support Forums.

So ... what's new in Equipd 3.1?


I am excited to announce support for Notes alongside your highlighting and underlining. Equipd Notes have some nice features - such as the ability to have the Note sit right next to relevant content, instead of just sitting in the side margin. You can also "Expand" a note to show the text right in the article, no need to click before you can read it.

To add a Note, just select some text and click "Note" in the option menu. The Note will be inserted to the right of the selected text.

Startup Options

Get access to content quickly based on how you use Equipd. You can now open Equipd directly to the Favourite Publications section instead of the Today screen. Or iPhone users can tell Equipd to launch into the Today screen for the first time.

Some users on older devices have found the Bible window performs slowly for them, especially when repeatedly switching between apps. I encourage you to check the article on the Support Forums about "Troubleshooting Slow Performance". I am also pleased to offer the "Bible Only" startup mode, which opens Equipd directly into the full-screen Bible window. This mode is optimised for performance and keeping memory (RAM) usage to a minimum.

New Backup Options

You can now backup your annotations, briefcase, and news items in one step. In Admin > Backups you can generate a backup email, and specify reminder settings to prompt you to take a backup frequently. The backup is just a zip file that can be restored directly from the email attachment, or via iTunes.

Song Picker (iPad Only)

There is now a new Song Picker to make it quicker to select the song at the meeting. It will automatically appear if you open the Song book. If you have come via a direct link to a specific song, it will not auto-appear - but you can access it by clicking the window title bar.

Study Questions

You may have noticed that the Study Questions were regenerated each time you loaded an article. So if you added annotations to a question it would be missing next time you loaded the content. As of 3.1.0 Equipd will preserve annotations in the study questions.


I hope you enjoy these new features.

If you could take a moment to share your feedback on the App Store it would be appreciated.



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