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+ By Terence Burnard

Smartlink is a Game Master tool for Shadowrun, third, fourth, and fifth editions. It keeps track of initiative, initiative modifiers and condition monitors.

For SR3, Smartlink uses the base rules, as well as expanded rules from Shadowrun Companion (3rd ed) and spells from Magic in the Shadows (3rd ed). For SR4, Smartlink uses the base rules in the SR4 20th Anniversary Edition. Finally, for SR5 Smartlink uses the rules from the base rulebook.

Smartlink can automatically roll initiative for Non Player Characters (NPCs), and allow you to manually input the initiative of Player Characters (PCs) and important NPCs. If a PC (or NPC!) exceeds the condition monitor, Smartlink keeps track of the extra box lost each round. Then every new round you get important updates for unconscious, dying, and deceased characters.

At a glance, you can quickly determine the initiative order, the health and status effects on every PC & NPC. So, if a player forgets about penalties or bonuses when rolling initiative, you can politely remind the player.

The free version allows you access to all the features of SR3 and SR4. If you enjoy the app, an add-on allows you to save, create more characters, and access SR5.

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