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    Duckie Deck Baby Tunes

    "Playful way for children to learn about sounds and music" - Fundamentallychildren.com Baby Tunes is the first of our apps that’s designed for toddlers as young as 12 months, who are getting to know different sounds in their environment. The world is full of sounds ranging from quiet hums to wailing sirens, and making sense of them is on the a…

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    Duckie Deck Robo Buddies

    We're happy to announce that Robo Buddies is now completely FREE! Sometimes, life as a robot can get a little lonely. Whether you’re a space station robot repairing radios or a home base robot who bakes birthday cakes, it’s always nice to have a companion who understands you. Robo Buddies is the game from Duckie Deck, designed with fun-loving to…

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    Duckie Deck Collection

    "Kids learn through role playing -- developing emotional skills, trying out responsibility, and growing vocabularies." -- Common Sense Media "Educational app that provides endless fun and encourages parent-child bonding" -- TheiMums.com This cheerful collection from Duckie Deck includes six fun and friendly games for kids aged 2-5 years. We’ve a…

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