Judi Peters

  • Magic Theme

    Magic Theme




    ****************** 50% OFF LIMITED TIME ****************** Welcome ladies and gentlemen to one of the craziest theme apps created! With Magic Theme you can give your phone a new appearance and feel by simply adding creative overlays to your desired wallpaper! Magic Theme offers tons of unique and...

  • InstaTheme





    - High Quality Design - Unique LockScreen and Homescreen Ideas - Easy to use - Multiple Options Looking to enhance your backgrounds to give it a stylized effect? With InstaTheme you can add creative colored overlays to regions found within the background. With tons of options to choose from and...

  • ThemeLab





    With the help of ThemeLab, you can achieve the EFFECT of a stylized background for your iOS 7 device! Please note: "Extras" serve as appearance enhancers only. They do not have any sort of functionality. This app does not directly change the appearance of your dock, status bar, and slide to...

  • Santa Bomber

    Santa Bomber




    With 15+ levels can you save Christmas with Bombs to destroy the snowmen? The New Year is in danger! A gang of snowmen have attacked Santa Claus and is trying to take the presents away from him. The deer won't get fed, the kids won't be happy!! Don't let this disaster strike before christmas eve...

  • Pirate Coins 2013

    Pirate Coins 2013




    "...this is definitely one game you need to add to your collection." TheiPhoneAppReview.com Jump, Fly, Tap and Bounce your way through the Caribbean Islands. Help the Pirate hero to find the treasure and collect all coins on his biggest adventure yet! Travel with him through the magical islands...

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