Lukas Würzburger

  • Kibitz – Conversation Starter


    Answer Questions to start interesting offline conversations. Kibitz is a beautiful designed app which will help you kickstart great conversations to get to know your friends better.

  • Questions


    Use these questions instead of small talk. Start conversations where you really get to know your friends. Shake to show the next question.

  • iWave


    Das neue offizielle iWave App zum “German-Outing-Minister” hat nun endlich seinen Weg in den App Store gefunden. Hierbei möchte er Euch, trotz schlechtem Stimmungstrend unter den Wählern, ein Lächeln auf euer Gesicht zaubern. iWave präsentiert Euch die neusten Sprüche aus seiner Schatzkiste...

  • Sound Meme


    Soundmeme is an app for making funny accustic comments to what someone says or does. Soundmeme is an app for situation comedy. We offer 21 default sounds and you can also record your own sound memes.

  • Rubbel




    Rub on your screen as fast as you can within 10, 20 or 30 seconds to cover the longest distance. Rub not only with your friends and relations, but even with online players! The online highscores can be displayed directly in the app under "Highscores" > "Online Scores". Good luck and have fun!

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