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Ultra-interactive storybook of conspiracy and prophesy in ancient Rome

  • Constant, dynamic choices
  • Incredibly rich and detailed storyline
  • Tons and tons of text
  • Mood indicators for each character at the bottom of the screen
  • Save option
  • It's a ton of reading - so slow your Flappy attention span down for this one

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"Et tu, Brute?"

The future of reading is in ancient Rome. Blood & Laurels is an interactive storybook written by Emily Short that uses the Versu platform, which allows it to go far beyond the branching decision tree of Choose Your Own Adventure books. Play as Marcus, patron poet of Artus. Move through an immense world by making constant dynamic choices, which allow you to exchange dialogue, shoot subtle body language cues at other characters, observe the settings around you, and even eat the olives laid out on a banquet table. It's an incredibly rich experience, and I'm told a single playthrough will result in less than 20% of the available storyline being revealed.

Outstanding features include icons of each character at play on the bottom of the screen complete with how they're feeling about the situation, plus long-term badges to unlock based on what kind of person you craft yourself to be (power-hungry? romantic? a damn dirty traitor?). There's also a save option absolutely any time you need it.

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