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    Hazumino's review

    Published: 2014-05-19, by .

    Endless runner plus block puzzle plus retromania

    • Successful cross of endless runner and block puzzle
    • Great 3D + pixel art graphics
    • Legitimately, uniquely difficult
    • Music lacks depth
    • Probably too tricky for the average schmuck

    "Multigenre multitasking"

    Science actually demonstrates that the brain is completely unable to multitask. Show science what's up in Samurai Punk's Hazumino, which requires you to build bridges and jump across them all at once.

    You win a level when the guy reaches the goal. Simple. Unfortunately, there are obstacles in between, including pits and platforms. Unfortunate. The guy will keep running no matter what. Dummy. You have Tetris blocks to throw at him to construct a bridge. Excellent. You have to control the guy at the same time that you construct a bridge for him. Yikes. It's hard to describe, and perhaps even harder to pull off successfully.

    The music could use some depth - I found the perky chiptunes just the wrong side of minimalist - but the graphics are great, actually a refreshingly modern mash-up of 3D with pixel art.

    The demo's free and includes just a few levels; upgrade to pro to get access to many more.

    It's rare to come across such a crossbreed like Hazumino, and it's definitely worth a few minutes trying to wrap your head around the different tasks thrown at you all at once.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    May 19, 2014