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    Published: 2017-02-09, by .

    Draw a line, defend your city, and crush the enemy

    • Nice retro pixel art graphics
    • Simple, fun, challenging, and very addicting
    • Pay or grind gameplay

    "Defend Earth"


    Aliens are attacking once again, and they’re anything but friendly. In Line Defense for the Android and iOS, you’ll draw lines on the screen to stop incoming attacks from crashing into the city you’re assigned to protect. The more attacks you successfully deflect, the higher your score multiplier will be. You’ll also use crystals which you’ll use to upgrade your defense. During the fight, you’ll collect power-ups like the nuke and the ability to slow down your enemies, and at the end of each level, you’ll fight an alien boss. Defend your city, and show aliens who’s the real boss.


    During my time with the game, I enjoyed a nice pixel art retro music as well as a simple controls with the game packing a serious challenge that start off easy enough but soon become more than your can handle, so don’t let your guard down here.


    The crystal system in Line Defense removes the game’s fun factor, turning necessary ship upgrades into a complete grind, despite the solid amount of game modes available here.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Feb 09, 2017


    Inspired from old school retro games, Line Defense offers a fast paced challenging experience with simple controls and frenzy action.

    Mayday! Alien Invasion: New York, Paris, Moscow, London, Kairo, Beijing, Athens, Dubai. The alien menace strikes without remorse. Starting from major cities of the world, they will reach yours as well. Missiles, bombs, asteroids, alien ships, motherships and more! You are in a position, just with your finger, to protect the earth in this very simple, yet fun and addictive game!

    Line Defense offers a simple but extremely challenging arcade game experience, mixing mechanics from classic games like Breakout and Missile Command along with mobile game design innovations. The game is designed both for casual and hardcore players.

    • Simple one finger swipe control.
    • Unique power-ups, bosses & Motherships.
    • Collect crystals and get special upgrades for your line (cannons, radar, shield etc.).
    • 20 colorful maps & Survival mode.
    • Mini Games for fun and rewards with surprising twists to the basic game-play.
    • Amazing original soundtrack with dynamic in-game music.
    • Easy to play - no tutorial needed.
    • Includes 30+ achievements.
    • Game Center Leaderboards Support.

    The game was featured by Apple under "New Games We Love" and "Games We Play Today".

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