Princesses of Olympus



Play with the most beautiful goddesses of Olympus and take care of their magical horse! Princesses of Olympus are very stylish girls and they love to look fabulous. Dress up these girls with the most fashionable clothes, create a stunning makeup, and don’t forget to take care of their magical fairy horse!

Use your unique chance to see how the goddesses of Ancient Greece, the real princesses of Olympus, looked like, and change their style any way you want!

- Dress up and make up the Goddess of Beauty and Love – beautiful Aphrodite!
- Create a unique style for the Goddess of Wisdom – Athena!
- Help little Cupid with his love duties!
- Help boys and girls couples by matching them in the Olympus Cards game!
- Decorate the Temple of Zeus with the most magnificent statues and flowers!
- Bathe, shower and take good care of the magical fairy horse!
- Play 10 different mini games and discover the fabulous world of Olympus princesses!

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