Spelleasy - A Spelling game


Spelleasy - A Spelling game's review


A lovely spelling game for the young players

  • Great for kids
  • Helpful for spelling
  • A bit limited

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"Do You Know How To Spell Chocolate?"


Welcome to Spelleasy - A Spelling Game, a wonderful educational game for kids that will help children improve their spelling skills thanks to the starter packages. If you decide to purchase additional packages, there are some more topics like Birds, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, etc. Choose your favorite and become an expert speller!

How do you play? It couldn't be simpler: Check out the incomplete drawing and drag each letter to the right position. If you get stuck, you can always tap on our dear helper to get a hint and keep on practising your spelling abilities! This is a lovely game for children, as it's perfect for training your spelling skills and having fun at the same time. Who said learning wasn't fun?


The graphics are delightful and controls work smoothly, so there are no issues at all. We love how you can get hints whenever you need them and kids can easily navigate the app without any struggle. No bells and whistles, and it's highly appreciated.


There are only three packs for free, which means that the words are somehow limited. Still, the game is well-designed and certainly helpful for educational purposes. We don't think this would appeal adults, though, as it's quite easy given that the options are always shown.

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by Ana , Appszoom

Feb 08, 2017