Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Kim Kardashian: Hollywood icon
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

A fun game for teenagers

THE VERDICT Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a simulation game for teenagers that presents a fashionable adventure where they'll get to create a celebrity and help her become famous while interacting with other celebs and fans. The game mixes simulation features with those typical of a fashion app, where users get to dress their favorite characters and…

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Download Egg! Egg! icon

Egg! features awesome graphics and great gameplay,…

THE VERDICT In Egg!, the world as we know it is literally littered with eggs. But thankfully, you’ll be the one taking care of them. In this game for your iOS and Android device, you’ll be choosing and naming your egg as well as raising it. Each egg has their own personality, with certain likes and dislikes. You can play mini games or help decorate…

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Download Clear Vision (17+) Clear Vision (17+) icon
Clear Vision (17+)

A sniper game not suited for doodles

Have no expectations. Don't dare to guess a thing. It's a sniper game with doodles that seem fetched from the vault of forgotten Flash games. However, we are facing one of the most original and well though games for a mobile device so far. It drinks from several sources and it may be a pout-pourri of sniping games and other Flash ideas, but there's…

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Download MARVEL Contest of Champions MARVEL Contest of Champions icon
MARVEL Contest of Champions

Make the best alliances and become a powerful team

THE VERDICT If you're a fan of the Marvel comics and its different heroes, you'll love MARVEL Contest of Champions. It's a fun action game where you'll have the chance to put your fighting powers to the test. The game has a series of fights, where you've got to make the best team possible in order to beat Kang and Thanos. You'll easily pick up how…

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Download Jurassic World™: The Game Jurassic World™: The Game icon
Jurassic World™: The Game

An amazing adventure based on the new movie, Juras…

THE VERDICT Are you ready? Jurassic World is about to be released and it's already available on our mobile phones. The game is based on the new film in the saga, and focuses on building a theme park and taking care of your dinosaurs so that they evolve and turn into powerful beasts. You need to build the best possible park where your dinosaurs can…

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Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition Minecraft: Pocket Edition icon
Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft - Pocket Ed. Demo gives a tease of one o…

Minecraft, I'm pretty sure you've heard about it or you have seen a Minecraft-related video on Youtube's home. Probably you still don't understand what's the point with that POV pixelated game. However, when a legion of fans and hard-players back it, that's because there's something worthy behind. Minecraft is about free will. Do whatever you want,…

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Download Infinity Blade Infinity Blade icon
Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is an impressive arcade fighting ga…

A story of vengeance and magic. An evil ruler, the God King, has subjugated the world for centuries thanks to the magic power of Infinity Blade, a sword that steals the power of those who stab. Many tried to face him and all died, including the father of our hero. The course can be changed but, only a extraordinary hero will achieve it. Will it be…

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Download Smurfs' Village Smurfs' Village icon
Smurfs' Village

Raise a smurf village from scratch

Imagine the worst scenario ever. Gargamel found the mushroom Smurfs' village and our little blue friends had to leave in a hurry. Luckily, Papa Smurf is wise enough to organize the smurfs and raise a brave new village. In short, Smurf Village is a management game with a simple plot and -here's the best part- a handful of minigames scattered here an…

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Download The Sims™ FreePlay The Sims™ FreePlay icon
The Sims™ FreePlay

Play one of the most popular games for free and en…

If you were waiting for being able to play The Sims for free in your iOS device, your time is now. The Sims was and it's still now one of the most popular games of all times and we're glad it's back on track. First of all, navigation: drag your finger around the screen to move the camera, pinch in and out to look closer and use both fingers to rota…

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Download Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 icon
Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

Sequel to Plants vs Zombies

If I had to sum this review up in a single sentence, I'd say that it's like Plants and Zombies 1 with more plants and more zombies. It may sound pretty obvious, I know, but believe there isn't much more to say. If you played PvsZ, you'll love it with all your guts, otherwise you should give it a go anyway. In the rare case you don't know what's Pla…

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Download Temple Run 2 Temple Run 2 icon
Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the acclaimed sequel of the most s…

A mobile game which has reached over 170 million download isn't just a game, it's a phenomenon. A sequel of such successful game has been globally awaited as a great event. That day has come. Temple Run 2 is hitting our touchscreens keeping the essence of its successful formula and adding some interesting new stuff. Thus, gameplay is still the same…

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A very capable adventure game awaits

THE VERDICT One Piece Treasure Cruise serves up the fun on in a good looking package. This game is executed well and has plenty of variety to keep you coming back for more. Expect a compelling level of play that includes cool battle sequences and plenty of strategy. THE PROS The graphics look very good and the soundtrack really adds to the experien…

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