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Blackbox - think outside the box

I have truly never played a game like this before.

THE VERDICT Blackbox is an out of the box puzzle game that you don't actually touch. Instead you have to tap, tilt, yell, and do many more movements to get through each level of this insane puzzle. THE PROS Blackbox is really an original game that will take you a while to learn and really master. The puzzles are challenging to the point of frustrat…

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Elevate - Brain Training

And addictive brain training app which pits you ag…

Elevate delivers one training session a day (for free) to help you improve your processing skills, your ability to focus and your capacity to synthesize when writing. Set your preferences and Elevate will create a personalized training program for you. The games are quite addictive. We particularly liked the reading test - a text appears on screen…

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Download QuizUp™ QuizUp™ icon

QuizUp features online real-time quiz battles as y…

Trivia-like games fan? You shouldn't miss this one. QuizUp is one of the best of its kind featuring online heads-up, over 150.000 questions and mind-blowing design. QuizUp comes packed with over 250 topics and subtopics; Movies, Music, Games, Literature, Sports... Some of them are classic and some are cutting edge (just released Movies and TV Shows…

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Download Snapimals - An Amazing Animal Adventure! Discover and Snap Photos of Cute & Funny Animals Snapimals - An Amazing Animal Adventure! Discover and Snap Photos of Cute & Funny Animals icon
Snapimals - An Amazing Animal Adventure! Discover and Snap Photos of Cute & Funny Animals

See animals as they should be seen - from the safe…

THE VERDICT Build up the greatest, and cutest, museum that you could ever find in this game that is for people of all ages. Walk around and look at animals in their own environments, and build up your collection. However, the animals aren't in the museum (or zoo), it is the photos that you take! THE PROS The images on this app are not to be missed,…

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Download Animal Jam - Play Wild! Animal Jam - Play Wild! icon
Animal Jam - Play Wild!

Animal Jam provides a safe online world for childr…

THE VERDICT Providing an open world for children to explore, Animal Jam – Play Wild! on both iOS and Android devices lets kids choose their favorite animal and start exploring the online 3D world of Jamaa, a relatively safe digital playground for children to express themselves through their chosen animal and meet other online buddies using the app.…

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Download Liyla and The Shadows of War Liyla and The Shadows of War icon
Liyla and The Shadows of War

With hand-drawn graphics and emotionally gripping…

THE VERDICT It’s difficult to ignore the controversy surrounding Liyla and The Shadows of War. Available for the iOS and Android and set in the background of the Gaza Strip War in 2014, Liyla tells the story of a nameless Palestinian husband and father who desperately attempts to get his family out before bombs start dropping. You’ll have to jump o…

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Download iGun Pro - The Original Gun Application iGun Pro - The Original Gun Application icon
iGun Pro - The Original Gun Application

A simple gun simulator with an extensive weapons r…

THE VERDICT iGun Pro is a capable simulator that has a few flaws. What will really impress you is the vast selection of weaponry on offer here. The weapons themselves look realistic and the gameplay is pretty fun for a while. Although it's not the best gun simulator out there, it reasonably does the trick. THE PROS The guns are well constructed and…

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Download Pictorial Pictorial icon

Rotate the seemingly random star system to discove…

Pictorial is a super original spacial reasoning game where you're presented with assortments of seemingly random stars suspended in space. Rotate them with your finger until you find the right angle, when the apparent chaos will suddenly connect and form a concrete image. It should be a dream game for anyone with a love of either puzzles or the nig…

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Download Quizlet - Flashcards & Study Tools Quizlet - Flashcards & Study Tools icon
Quizlet - Flashcards & Study Tools

Quizlet lets you study no matter where you are.

THE VERDICT This study app makes studying easy and fun. You can use the computer to input your data (which is much easier than using the app and typing everything out on your phone) and then study from your phone. It's great for vocab and flashcards and the app can keep score to let you know how well you did. You can also make short little games to…

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Download One touch Drawing One touch Drawing icon
One touch Drawing

Draw the figures in just one touch, never draw the…

One Touch Drawing is a fun puzzle app with one clear objective: draw the given figures with only one touch but don't ever draw the same line twice. As you play, the figures will be harder and more complex every time, making it harder for you. You can play the normal mode or the survival one, where you are not allowed to fail, given that if you make…

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Download Disney Junior Play Disney Junior Play icon
Disney Junior Play

A great set of games for kids of all sizes who lov…

THE VERDICT Disney Junior Play takes your favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters and puts them into games that teach things like colors, numbers, letters, and even directions. You collect stickers to be able to label up. THE PROS As with any other project from Disney, this is going to be extremely high quality. The visuals are crisp and clear,…

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Download SimplePlanes SimplePlanes icon

Not for beginners, SimplePlanes is aimed at the en…

THE VERDICT While it lacks detailed environments, and its tutorial could do with improvement, SimplePlanes is a robust simulator with an incredible array of building options. If you're willing to put some time in, you can create an impressive aircraft to be proud of. THE PROS The flight simulation is fairly realistic (if lacking the numerous contro…

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