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Blackbox - think outside the box

○ "A game so intelligent, I might call it sexy" — HoldingOut4Updates ○ “Unlike anything you’ve ever played before” —App Advice ○ "Constant how-did-they-do-that moments" —Skottk ○ "Utterly diabolical and utterly brilliant" —CNET ○ “Undeniably unique” —Todays iPhone ○ “Devilishly clever” —Six Colors Explore 70 unique puzzles (with more coming) witho…

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Animal Jam - Play Wild!

Become your favorite animal and join your friends in the wild world of Jamaa! Show off your style with animal characters that express the real you. Design your own den and invite your friends to parties in your virtual home. You’ll explore a lush and beautiful 3D world, meet and chat with new friends, and play great games for FREE! Animal Jam…

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The New York Times: Pictorial, a game involving spatial reasoning, has earned fantastic ratings from iTunes users. The gameplay is challenging, the graphics are compelling... ### ### THIS GAME IS FREE AND USES IAPs ### ### "Pictorial HD" (universal app) ### the paid version - WITHOUT any IAPs ### #1 Educational Game in USA, Canada, Russia…

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One touch Drawing

Test your brain with an amazing puzzle game. One touch Drawing is a simple yet very addictive puzzle. Many people have the experience playing this kind of game. The rule is very simple. Draw given unique shapes with only "One touch". The only problem is "You cannot draw twice the same line". According to clear stages, new lines and points like belo…

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NOTE: This game requires an iPhone 4s / iPad 2 / iPad Mini 1/ iPod 5 or better. Snap parts together to build your airplane's body. Place engines to add thrust. Design the wings, and then strap yourself into the cockpit and see how it flies. AIRPLANE DESIGNER You will have the tools to bring any aircraft to life. Design your own wings, shape the f…

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Look on all 5 stars reviews from our happy users! "This memory game is one of the best educational games for kids!" - 5 stars! "Just must have! It's really great." - 5 stars! "Excellent game my daughter loves it." - 5 stars! "Good memory matching game. My son says "it's REALY cool." - 5 stars! "This Memory Game is fantastic! Bright, colorful and ha…

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Download LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise icon
LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise

In LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise, children age 4-7 can use their imagination to create their very own LEGO vehicles and minifigures. Cruising for coins will unlock virtual LEGO sets that can be built with a few easy touches – and which will become part of the game’s colorful 3D scenery for your child’s next drive-through. Create & Cruise provid…

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Watercolors: the mind-painting puzzle game. Mix red, yellow and blue to paint your way through hundreds of challenging levels. Fill the glowing circles with the indicated color to complete each puzzle. Just wait and see what happens when you combine all three colors, it might BLOW your mind! Keep your mind sharp and have fun playing with colors.…

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Be sure to check our new game, SimplePlanes. Build airplanes and test them with realistic physics and see how they fly. You can find it on the App Store now or check out the website at Design your own rocket ships. Blast off into space. Explore the solar system. See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist. C…

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"Initially simple it quickly descends into obsessive, head-scratching territory; your brain will thank you." - GamesWithPurpose "...the kind of brain-training that Nintendo's Floating-Japanese-Doctor-Head-Guy would approve of." - JayIsGames "Some of the best puzzle games excel because they use simple mechanics to give players the tools and space…

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Download Baby Pet Vet Doctor - not kids games Baby Pet Vet Doctor - not kids games icon
Baby Pet Vet Doctor - not kids games

This is a 12+ game! There are a lot of cute baby pets and they got sick. Please help me cure these baby pets and make them recover.

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Cool School - Kids Rule!!!

~~> You wish your school was this COOL! Get ready to attend the coolest school ever, packed with super cool & creative activities! ~~> Explore ALL the school rooms - visit the nurse’s office, feed the class pet, play memory games by the lockers and SO much more! ~~> UH OH… what’s going on in the school bathroom?! Check it out for yourself! Schoo…

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