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Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Kim Kardashian: Hollywood icon
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

A fun game for teenagers

THE VERDICT Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a simulation game for teenagers that presents a fashionable adventure where they'll get to create a celebrity and help her become famous while interacting with other celebs and fans. The game mixes simulation features with those typical of a fashion app, where users get to dress their favorite characters and…

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Download Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes icon
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes lets you build your dr…

THE VERDICT In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, for both iOS and Android devices, it’s up to you to create and train the perfect team of either light-side warriors or dark-side baddies from almost every popular Star Wars Franchise, like Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Darth Maul and even heroes and baddies from the cartoon series. Then, level them up to cru…

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Download Fallout Shelter Fallout Shelter icon
Fallout Shelter

Build the best shelter possible and keep it runnin…

THE VERDICT Want to immerse yourself in a fascinating adventure beneath the ground? Fallout Shelter is an original game where you can create your own shelter, make everyone in it happy in their new home, and ensure that it stays running with sufficient resources. Assign each resident a new job, build new rooms, and create an efficient ecosystem for…

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A very capable adventure game awaits

THE VERDICT One Piece Treasure Cruise serves up the fun on in a good looking package. This game is executed well and has plenty of variety to keep you coming back for more. Expect a compelling level of play that includes cool battle sequences and plenty of strategy. THE PROS The graphics look very good and the soundtrack really adds to the experien…

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Download Dragon City Mobile Dragon City Mobile icon
Dragon City Mobile

Create new species and build a magical dragon city

Dragon City Mobile is a management game where you get to build a magical city for dragons while breeding them and hatching eggs to create new species. When the dragons are grown-up, you will also be able to combat against opponents from all over the world. The application includes more than a hundred different dragons and also many goals to complet…

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Download High School Story High School Story icon
High School Story

Build the perfect high school and live your teen l…

High School Story is an application mostly for young girls. In this app you will get to create a school just the way you like it. First of all, you'll need to select your gender and type of student (three cliches). After that, you will begin to customize your avatar's appearance and begin the tutorial with Autumn. The first steps are, of course, bu…

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Download Campus Life™: Fashion Girl Campus Life™: Fashion Girl icon
Campus Life™: Fashion Girl

Live THE university life and have a great time

Campus Life is a girly management game for those who want to live the university life in a digital world. In this game, the party never stops and your main objective is to have a great time while buying your sorority house. Imagine everything you'd do in a dream university: design the best house, change your hair and make up, buy clothes, make popu…

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Download Episode -- Choose Your Story, feat. Mean Girls: Senior Year Episode -- Choose Your Story, feat. Mean Girls: Senior Year icon
Episode -- Choose Your Story, feat. Mean Girls: Senior Year

Glitches ruin Episode and take away from what it c…

THE VERDICT Episode has a lot going for it in terms of creativity in story lines and drawings, but there are far too many glitches that ruin it. THE PROS There are quite a few diverse story lines on Episode that can be a great fit for just about anyone. The range of characters and outfits makes it customized to a point. The screen really reacts to…

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Download Shadow Fight 2 Shadow Fight 2 icon
Shadow Fight 2

Level up through gorgeous Mortal Combat-esque ninj…

Its predecessor was massively popular on Facebook, and now Nekki's Shadow Fight 2 is a ninja-flavored swirl cone of RPG-style story/upgrades and classical side-view fighting. It's a well-designed, delectable visual treat for both the casual dabblers and the superfan experts. Plunge directly into the action; the tutorial is fully integrated with the…

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Download Olympus Rising Olympus Rising icon
Olympus Rising

With great graphics and matching sounds, you get e…

THE VERDICT Olympus Rising is an MMO where you have to master your skills and fight your way across islands. As you fight, you get to expand your territory and build a bigger empire. THE PROS With graphics that are absolutely great and filled with detail, and that carries into the sound as well. The game itself is fun to play once you get the hang…

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Download Nonstop Knight Nonstop Knight icon
Nonstop Knight

If you don't have a lot time, this might be a grea…

THE VERDICT An easy to play RPG game where you act out the adventure of a knight without all of the stress. Use one thumb to guide him throughout his adventures. THE PROS This is one of the few RPG games that doesn't take its greatness out on your battery. The graphics and great, the sound is fantastic, and the storyline of the game really drags yo…

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Download Brave Frontier Brave Frontier icon
Brave Frontier

A fantasy MMO

In short, Brave Frontier is a MMO mixing usual softcore management (raise buildings, spend resources) with Final Fantasy-like battles and combat moves. You have to collect the more characters the better. Not only to engross your muster of super-deformed big-headed heroes (chibis for the win), but also because you sacrifice those you don't want to e…

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