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    Watchbook is a dynamically different way to e-read, engineered specifically for small screens.
    It marries the passive pleasures of watching, as in television or movie viewing, with the active processes of traditional text reading.

    Version 1.0 includes Canadian author David Lee's previously-unpublished contemporary novel Commander Zero, loaded and ready to experience.

    No more back-and-forth line-reading; no more frequent page turns. Watchbook reformats texts of any length to a single continuous line, presented in a smooth flexible horizontal scroll. Spacing is expanded in relation to punctuation, to approximate the pacing and rhythms of natural reading. Speed can be easily and continuously adjusted from a contemplative crawl, to speed-reading velocities; cruise-control for literature!

    An elegantly simple interface allows a continuum of text and background shades. Text size can be adjusted by multitouch pinch and counterpinch. Text can be reviewed or advanced by swiping, or paused with a tap.

    There's also an easy-to-augment and customize internet-linked library of books and ePub texts with auto-bookmarking for readings-in-progress.
    The ability to specify very large type-sizes relative to screen-size, and to create a touch free experience for an entire book makes Watchbook an important alternative for vision-impaired and mobility challenged individuals.

    Although Watchbook was especially designed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, it also works extremely well on the iPad.

    The app includes an operating guide.

    Conceived and developed by John Oswald and the BNOTIONS technology agency.