The first complete app for a Sales Man!

No more misplaced sales communications!

All communications in one place!

All your files in the right place!

All Todos at your fingertips!

All your files with you!

***Communication Notes

- BizBuster provides an easy to use interface to record all the communication between you and your clients.

- Add your text notes, images, and videos quickly and never forget any communication again.

- Easy interface for Audio notes

- Assign documents, spreadsheets, invoices, and quotation pdfs easily with communication

- Easily email the entire communication chain

*** Document Management

- BizBuster provides a quick interface to include files with communication.

- Simply email the files to yourself and open the files in BizBuster

- Assign the files to a sales contacts and keep the communication and documents for any sales deal together

- BizBuster supports documents, spreadsheets, presentations, RTF, and text files

- Carry your documents with you so you can open them offline as well

*** To do lists

- Quickly make todo items

- Ability to create a reminder for a todo item

- Mark a todo items complete with one click

- Export your todos

*** Additional Features

- Sync with your iPhone contacts

- Password protection to keep your data safe

- Create your own list of Favorite Clients

- Native Apple interface for easy usability


We'd love to hear from you about the app including what features you want to see in future releases and any suggestions you may have. Drop us a line at