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Salon Software is the go-to software for all of your salon needs. Track supplies, customers, appointments and much more!
You no longer have to schedule appointments, ring up customers, manage inventory on separate platforms. With our new Salon Software, we decided to take another step forward and combine all these features into one cloud-based solution.

New Salon Software interface is tailored for touchscreen devices. Get a quick snapshot of your business with any device with Internet connection.

Appointment Booking
Eliminate all the clutter and paperwork by taking your appointments and scheduling to the cloud with ERPLY. Add new appointments or tasks simply by clicking on a specific day and time on any calendar view. Pick an existing customer or add a new one, choose the service, delegate an employee and set appointment status all from the POS screen!

Day overview
Be in full control of your day. Get an efficient overview of all the services and other activities of your staff. Manage your current and future tasks easily from one calendar-based view. The Day Overview lets your employees to coordinate their own and each other’s work and tasks.

Schedule appointments
Scheduling appointments is easier than ever. ERPLY’s new Salon Software gives the capability to schedule appointments directly from the POS. Filter your calendar by specific services and obtain status updates with the option to open and modify appointments.

Employee management view
See all the activities of any staff member across any number of locations. Modify or add new tasks on the fly. For example, a receptionist can easily set appointments for a customer to be directed to a certain procedure provided by your company staff.

Completely customizable Products
Add product details and decide service packages, define service duration, add product photos and many other useful parameters. All changes are quickly updated in Calendar view.

Notifications Module
Be in complete sync with your business and your customers! ERPLY’s new Notifications module connects you, your employees, and your customers with your business. Email customers a coupon, send employees a reminder SMS for appointment, even get ERPLY to alert you if inventory is running low.

Employee Parameters and Commissions
Customize which services an employee can offer. Set commission options on different commission parameters for all services and products.

Employee Schedule
Maximize efficiency on your most important resource of all: Time. Easily plan out your employees’ weekly schedule for a specific period of time. While data is automatically synchronized back to the Calendar view, you and your staff can have a collective overview on everybody's working shifts.

Multi-Location/Chain Management
Looking to open another location? Simply add a new location and registers with just a few clicks. As you grow, ERPLY grows with you. In fact, we want you to expand. We love to accommodate chains and franchises. There are no limits to how much your business grows, as ERPLY can be specifically tailored for the 1-store mom-and-pop to the Fortune 500 companies.

Robust Report Module
Generate reports on virtually any aspect of your business. You define the parameters and the specifics. See activity by employee, service, visits, customers and more!

Price lists
Another feature created to make managements life easier. Create as many price lists as you would like from your one inventory catalogue in the system. Price lists can be associated with time periods, customer groups, or time periods, and can be turned on and off for easy re-use in the future.

Sales Promotions
With features such as sales promotion creation and redemption, couponing, and the ability to create your own custom loyalty program you can rest assure that you are getting the proper visibility, as well as rewarding your frequent shoppers.

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