Say&Go Elements - quick voice notes with reminders and instant sharing



Do you often lose small ideas or to-do's? Save them quickly with Say&Go! Just tap the icon, say a short note, and presto - it becomes your reminder or you can find it on Dropbox, Evernote or e-mail*. All in just ONE TAP!

Say&Go is not a yet another voice recorder - it is smart and efficient. To save a thought, all you have to do is just open the app and start speaking. Recording will start and stop automatically. Notes will be instantly transferred to your computer via Dropbox, Evernote or e-mail.

Perfect for multitaskers and GTD fans. Now you can do efficient brainstorming on the go without bothering with unnecessary taps to make and share notes.

+++Full Say&Go's review quotes and achievements+++ "Extremely convenient for those commuters who do serious planning and brainstorming on the road, for example." 4.5/5 "[...] This makes recording a short idea quickly surprisingly easy." "With Say&Go at your disposal you can rest assured that you’ll never miss out on a great idea again!"

Top Business and Productivity app:
#1 in Poland
Top 3 in Canada, Italy, Finland
Top 5 in the United States, China, New Zealand, Australia
Top 10 in France, Singapore, India, the Netherlands, South Africa, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Taiwan

+++Main features+++

• INSTANT START - recording starts as soon as you run the app**.
• AUTOMATIC STOP - recording stops automatically once recording's time limit (4-75 seconds - adjustable in Settings) has passed.
• E-MAIL-TO-SELF functionality - record a note and automatically send it to your inbox.
• EVERNOTE integration - use recordings to automatically create notes.
• DROPBOX upload - automatically upload recordings to Dropbox.

Take voice notes on your way to work and then just see them later on your computer.

• QUICK REMINDERS - set reminders to go off within the next 60 minutes with one swipe.
• REMINDERS - set specific reminders with date and time.
• VOICE MESSAGES - recordings can be easily sent via Messages*** and e-mails.
• LAUNCH CENTER PRO support - use shortcuts to make recording and sharing even faster.

+++Doubts about time limit?+++

How much time do you need to capture an idea or to-do?

Usually, a few seconds.

That is why it is better to be QUICK and AUTOMATIC than endless and manual. Moreover, notes in Say&Go are short so they are efficient, succinct and concise.

+++Differences between Say&Go and Say&Go Elements+++

Say&Go Elements provides the same functionality as Say&Go but in Elements you can perform only 5 instant uploads per service for free.

Upload limits for sharing services can be removed separately from within the app.

Say&Go Elements allows you to fully learn the Say&Go experience and make sure it is the best way to make quick notes.


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* Paid features

**The autostart feature can be disabled in Settings.

***iOS 7 users.

Please remember that using a mobile phone when driving may be dangerous and is strictly prohibited in many countries. Make sure you are using a Bluetooth headset as an input for recording and use the device's built-in voice assisstant to open the app.