Anime Me (Chibi Avatar Creator)



Anime Me is one of the best fun app out there to make customized cute anime and cartoon girls or boys.

Are you ready to have some unlimited fun by creating your own cute and nice chibi anime looking girl or boy faces? It is limitless to your creativity with Anime Me. You cannot imagine Anime Me can create any girl and boy faces that look awesome. Discover the joy of creating your own chibi anime girl or boy face. You may find yourself laughing with delight at your own creativity!


Anime Me is simple and easy to play. Once you started playing, you can't stop!
Easy controls such as swiping through different choices to make your own chibi anime face or if you want some big surprises, simply use the random girl or random boy button and see what Anime Me creates for you!

Anime Me is a nice app to customize your own cute chibi anime girl and boy faces with over millions of combinations. Create different chibi anime girl or boy faces to impress your friends. They can be funny, stupid or even crazy! Just simply create your unique cute manga faces and show off to your friends on Facebook. Now you need an unique and special cute and lovely chibi anime girl or boy to show your charm.

There are many humorous and cute chibi anime face features to choose from to highlight some special moments. Best of all is there are many interesting and nice word cute stickers to go with the chibi anime girl and boy face you created!

The cute chibi anime girl and boy faces are totally adorable and you can actually create anyone you like with this creator.

Anime Me includes extra cute packs for you to create even more interesting and crazy looking faces. These cute special chibi anime faces and items will make your chibi anime faces stand out from your friends. Make chibi anime faces or wallpapers of all your family and friends. Share them on Facebook or add them to incoming-call pictures for your contacts or wallpapers. Show off to your friends about your creativity!

Different chibi anime girl and boy cute facial features
Various chibi anime girl and boy face shapes to choose from
Customize the face by picking different cute chibi anime girl and boy eyes, mouth, hair, hats, glasses and MORE!
Hundreds of items offering millions of unique combinations
Funny, cute and outstanding accessories
Change different colors and shapes for the chibi anime faces and accessories
Customize your cute background wallpaper
Nice and simple user interface
Popular manga/cartoon graphics style
Simple one press to export the cute anime girl or boy faces to the camera photos
Share it on Facebook with your friends and make it your profile picture
Add cool and cute emoticons to your chibi anime faces
Set as high quality wallpapers

We provide you the best chibi ANIME GIRL AND BOY PACKS to create your own customized chibi anime faces.
FACE PACK - cute, funny and hilarious anime girl or boy faces to fool around

SKIN PACK - different skin colors to customize your own anime face

HAIR PACK - amazing, cute, funky and popular hairstyle

EYES PACK - cute, crazy, stupid and cool eyes for you play about

MOUTH PACK - ridiculous and attractive mouth styles to fit in your chibi anime face

GLASSES PACK - freaky and crazy glasses, sunglasses and others to choose from

HATS PACK - all sorts of cute hats, caps, beanies and more!

BACKGROUND PACK - cute and catchy pattern background wallpaper to go with your anime face

ALL-IN-ONE PROMOTIONAL PACK! - Just simply everything you will need to make your chibi anime girl face UNIQUE and CREATIVE!

Updates will be made periodically to add more items and accessories

Have fun and enjoy Anime Me. Leave us a comment with your ideas for future packs! We will read your comments to make it better!

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