Break It Off



Dump smoking wherever, whenever.

Smoking is a total creep. It’ll follow you around waiting for the moment when you’re at your most vulnerable. And when you are, that’s when it’ll try to get back with you. The Break It Off Mobile App helps you through those moments of weakness, so you can dump smoking once and for all.

Overcome your old desires.
Whether you’re stressed, angry or bored, you’ll get the tools you need to get through the break-up without reaching for a smoke.

Track your break-up progress.
See how long you’ve gone without a smoke, when you’re most vulnerable to cravings and where these cravings are happening.

Get real-time break-up stats.
See how much money you’ve saved, how many smokes you’ve dumped and how many smoking urges you’ve resisted.

Deal with a slip-up.
If it happens, deal with it by understanding how it happened, and how it can be prevented moving forward.

Share your achievements.
Share your weekly progress, your break-up statistics and your milestone achievements on Facebook.

Chat with a Quit Coach.
Get smoking relationship advice from a Quit Coach when you need to talk. It’s free, confidential and up to you if you want to talk again. No strings attached.

Download the FREE Break It Off App today and avoid smoking temptations as they happen.

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