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Sleep Meister is an alarm application that sets pleasantly timed alarms using a device's built-in accelerometer to sense body motion and sound an alarm when the user is in a light stage of sleep (REM sleep).
It can also be used with HealthKit, and comes with a wide variety of functions, such as automatic tweets while sleeping, recording sleep talking (sounds), a snooze function to stop the user from falling asleep after waking up, and a music player that automatically stops when the user falls asleep.

Wake up to a more pleasant morning!

《 Functions and Features 》
- Compatible with iOS 10.
- Compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Retina HD.
- HealthKit support.
- 3D Touch support.
- Records your sleep cycles.
- Sounds an alarm during REM sleep.
- Automatically tweets on Twitter.
- Records your sleep talking.
- Music player that automatically stops when you fell asleep.
- Snooze function that stops the user from falling asleep again.
- Can be highly customized.

《 How to use 》
1. Set desired alarm sound and snooze in the settings.
2. Press the START button to start measuring sleep cycles after setting the alarm.
3. Set device in bedding using Help in the Settings.
4. Alarm sounds according to the set time when the user is in the lightest stage of sleep.

《 URL Scheme 》

《 Difference between free and paid versions 》
- No advertisements in paid version.

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