Hairdresser Peluquerias Pascual



    Business Application of Hairdressers Peluquerias Pascual in Valencia (Spain), that shows in a way fun & intuitive the most relevant on-line information for their clients.
    The APP provides the following functionality:
    - See all Hairdressers rooms of Peluquerias Pascual, showing location information, schedules, and allowing:
    1 - Make an appointment by e-mail, based on the data set in the form (Favorites option). The appointment will be confirmed with a response to this mail.
    2 - Make an appointment by phone with an instantly call.
    3 - Store in the device calendar app the appointment requested (is optional).
    4 - View on a map the location of all its Hairdressers rooms allowing trace the route to get there.
    - See the list of all services offered by salons.
    - Access from a single point to their social networks Facebook and Youtube, and share with friends FaceBook and Twitter, the app instantly.
    - Configure the basic data and the user's preferred to make appointments. And select a Hairdressers room, as favorite to facilitate and expedite the request for an appointment by mail.
    - It also offers, from the Home screen, Internet access recommended links at any time by Hairdressers Peluquerias Pascual.
    Also, once installed the app on the mobile device are activated "Instant Notification" which will allow you to receive and access, exclusively, to all offers or promotions offered by Hairdressers Peluquerias Pascual.