Instant Bellydancer Vol. 2: Percussive Moves for iPad



The Instant BellyDancer Vol. 2 Percussive Moves app is Part 2 of the instructional program based on the famous breakthrough rapid-learning system created by New York star dancer and trend-setting instructor, Neon.  Percussive Moves explores belly dance moves based on angular geometric patterns with emphasis on hipwork - the core of the belly dance vocabulary. Intricate hip movement patterns emerge from combining simple trajectories, such as horizontal and vertical hip slides, lifts, drops and arcs.

This app from Neon enables you to make menu selection of dance moves as trajectories following 2- and 3-dimensional shapes. Animated onscreen graphics superimposed on Neon's moving image effectively interpret movement angles and directions, promoting accelerated learning. Using Apple's app chapter selection functions you can move within the app selecting the moves you want to practice next..

Grouping of movements into clear-cut categories enables easy recall of dance patterns when improvising. In addition to basic steps, these apps feature moves and combinations that go far beyond the basics.

For each move Neon offers a detailed technique breakdown and a practice session showing steps individually and in combinations (total 60 min. of practice!), plus four "review" practice sessions for four movement categories covered in the program.