You Can Bellydance! (for iPad)



Based on the natural, organic motion of the human body, bellydance is easy to grasp, accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels, and looks fantastic on any body type. Even the basic vocabulary of bellydance you learn as a beginner is enough to let you express yourself through sophisticated and luscious movement – and look stunning!

In the You Can Bellydance! app from New York star dancer Neon:
• Learn two beautiful and simple dances – a FLUID slow dance and a lively PERCUSSIVE dance (drum solo);

• Step-by-step sections offer detailed explanation and demonstration of basic bellydance steps and ways to weave them together into attractive combinations;

• Learn and Practice sections offer a step-by-step breakdown of each combination and a presentation of the dance "from the top" with practice repetitions inserted, so you can follow Neon and learn the steps in real time;

• Practice sections feature a beat counter, helpful in learning dance rhythm and timing.

• Throughout the program, every section is clearly labeled onscreen with the dance and combination number and the names of the steps included.