Friend Finder



With Friend Finder you can show your friends where you are in any crowd.


- Show your friends where you are by placing an “I AM HERE” arrow on a picture of a crowd, and then send the image with your location arrow to them via text message or e-mail.

- The app comes with pictures of different common concert setups for you to use to relay your location.

- You can move around both the background image and the arrow image with your fingers.

- Your friends don’t need this app to receive Friend Finder images, it will work with anyone who can receive texts or email.


- You can also import your own pictures from your photo album and be able to place an arrow on them.

- These can be pictures you took yourself or pictures you saved from the internet.

- Before you walk down into the concert floor you could take a picture of the venue from the back to use to help your friends find you later.

- You could also download the seating chart from the website of the venue you know you are going to be attending.

- This feature could also be used to help friends find you in other venues other than concerts. Some examples would be a construction site, a mall, a golf course or a movie theater.

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