Tweet Pics



Tweet Pics is the best way to browse images in your Twitter timeline. With the Tweet Pics timeline, you can view pictures posted through all major image services. You can post new pics, retweet pics, favorite pics, and reply to pics.

Highlights of Tweet Pics:
✔ Browse through your Twitter timeline filtering only image posts
✔ Fullscreen views of images where you can download, retweet, reply, and favorite
✔ Searching lets you find images of current events, trends around you, or explore the world through tweeted pictures
✔ View all of your favorited tweets with images
✔ See nearby tweeted photos

★ Timeline
With TweetPics' Timeline, quickly take in the beauty of nature, and smiles of your friends

★ Search
With simple photo searching, you can search users, trends, hashtags, and tweets

★ Favorites
Favorite a pic to let your friend know you love it! Quickly browse all your favorited images from the tab bar.

★ Retweets
Easily retweet pictures you're in and ones your want to share

★ User Profile
The profile view makes friends' tweets into beautiful, vivid collages.
Visit your friends' profiles to see all the images they've shared on Twitter - whether through instagram, twitpic, yfrog, or other.

★ Image Downloads
Save pictures straight to your camera roll. Simply tap the icon in the upper-right-hand corner when viewing an image in fullscreen.

Coming Soon:
• Saved Searches
• Swipe between images
• Photo Filters

Tweet Pics supports all of these image services:
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Yfrog
• Twitpic

There's only 2 of us making this app, and although we greatly value your review, Apple doesn't allow us to reply to them. :(

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email