Mailbox's review


Mailbox enables users to get their inbox down to zero with a few gestures

  • Swipe gestures to manage e-mails
  • Archive, lists and snoozing features
  • Cute and intuitive layout
  • Unified inbox for multiple account
  • Only Gmail accounts support
  • It doesn't sync labels automatically

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"The revolutionary mailbox"

Gmail is one of the most-valued apps in both iOS and Android platforms. However, there's a newcomer app that surprisingly is stealing users' heart: Mailbox. You may think: how can a mailbox app be innovative? Isn't everything said in that issue? Well, it seems it's not. Mailbox provides a friendly way to manage your inbox: simple swipe gestures.

You'll quickly get the hang of it. Simple right swipe to archive your e-mails, long right swipe to send it to trash. Swipe left for snoozing an e-mail and it will return to your mailbox at the time you choose (later today, in the evening,...). Finally, long swipe left to put it into a list (to read, to buy, to watch or create a new one). A simple system that helps you organize efficiently you inbox by simplifying it to the fullest. Actually, Mailbox unleash the power or archiving e-mails and giving a instant response to them, whatever it will be (lists, snooze, delete).

It supports multi-account. Actually, it displays them in an unified inbox. To view each account separately, you can tap the lsit icon in the upper left-hand corner. However, only Gmail accounts can be added so far. That's probably its biggest catch along with that it doesn't automatically sync labels. Orchestra, Inc. is working on it: more providers and features will be added.

Set in a minimalist and cool layout, Mailbox is highly useful and usable. It's aimed to change the way we manage our inbox.

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