Have you ever wished you could see a list of singles at the places around you, and had a way to communicate with them? Well wish no more. SingleSquare is a FREE app that uses FourSquare technology to allow users to post "Sightings" of singles or post themselves as being single to particular places where they are located and can interact in real time. Let SingleSquare help you find love at first "Sighting"!

Key Features

* Post "sightings" announcing yourself or your group as single and open to meeting new people.
* Pull up a list of nearby locations and see the singles sightings at those locations.
* Send "Smiles" to other singles you would like to flirt with.
* Send direct messages to specific singles (as long as their privacy settings permit) nearby in real time.
* Post fun Icebreaker Lines that you think are good. Other users can rate your Ice Breaker if they think it is funny or good, or users can send those Ice Breaker Lines to others as an introduction.
* Win custom SingleSquare badges for sending messages and posting "Single Sightings".
* Single Square includes the normal FourSquare functionality.

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