YokeMe! is the all-in-one social network, built on trust. Build your network, and share your life’s events with those you trust, and trust that your interactions are private. Group your friends in categories that are personal to you, and begin to communicate with whomever you like, in a big or small audience. Keep track of those in your network and interact over life’s personal events like never before. Post your news knowing you trust your network, and begin to trust the YokeMe! messaging process.

Have something worth value that you’d like to sell? YokeMe! is the first network to bridge the social and e-commerce environments into one. No more random stops to meet random people. Post your items for sale in the Sales arena knowing you trust the audience, and begin to trust the YokeMe! selling process.

* Manage your YokeMe! network however you like
* News events are kept private amongst those you share with
* Network Categories can be made personal
* Sales are integrated, trade and sell with your trusted network
* Notifications, badges, and alerts keep you up-to-date

Coming Soon:
We will introduce our new and unique photo sharing process
We will introduce our new “custom emojis”

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