Physical Mathematics



Physical Mathematics is for simple physical and mathematical calculations.
It includes base number conversions, different shape volume calculations, base units measure conversion and a simple calculator to get personally check result, whether it's right or wrong.

Main features:
1.Base Number Conversion
2.unit converter
3.Volumes Calculations
4.simple calculator

1. Base Numbers
In this section we can enter eihter binary, decimal or hexadecimal numbers and can get instant results in other two base numbers.
Base numbers includes conversion for

2. Unit Converter
Using unit converter we can get conversion for different measurement in different units. As you want to conversion for Fahrenheit to Celsius than using temperature in unit converter can get result.
Unit converter includes

3. Volumes
Volumes is for to find volumes of some specific shapes of materials. It gives volumes calculation for cone, sphere, rectangle prism, square prism, ellipsoid and cylinder.

4. Simple calculator
A simple calculator is provided with this app. to get proof for results that you get using this application.

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