Embark on adventures, quest with friends and take flight in airships to explore the FINAL FANTASY multiverse. This is the newest mobile incarnation of the FINAL FANTASY series.

    In a realm beset by encroaching darkness, no one needs to fight alone.

    You and your friends must band together and embark on a quest to restore light to the kingdom's last guardian crystal. Collect powerful abilities, iconic jobs and legendary weapons. Meet chocobos and major characters from the series' expansive roster. Battle Espers like Ifirit and Shiva, and fight some of the series' most powerful foes alongside friends.

    ★ Collect cards featuring legendary FINAL FANTASY characters such as Yuna, Cloud and Lightning.
    ★ Join forces with friends and compete against others to become the top brigade!
    ★ Explore quest areas, battle bosses, meet chocobos and gain levels!
    ★ Regular multiplayer events offering exclusive legendary weapons!

    What are other users saying?
    ★★★★★“Here's a good card game that’s easy to understand. You quest, you equip weapons, abilities, and summons. You feed chocobos, you perform limit breaks. Really nostalgic if you're a fan of the series.” – Ralph Ysrael Malaluan

    ★★★★★“Best app ever. Final Fantasy fans need this game!” – Deren Johnson

    ★★★★★“A game that is licensed with the best RPG characters ever. Love Final Fantasy and this game is rewarding, refreshingand fun!” – Ben Malinowski

    ★★★★★“Final Fantasy has been, and will continue to be, my most favorite RPG series and this game just adds to the fun. Love how the events use games from the series. This is a must have!” – Sean Eldridge

    FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE: Where friendship truly matters.

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